Exeter timetable changes from 3 September 2017

Exeter network changes from 3 September 2017

From 3 September we are making changes to bus routes across Exeter, the first significant revamp of the city network in several years. We want to improve the overall reliability of the network whilst also taking into consideration Exeter’s continued growth, including the openings of the new Lidl distribution centre and IKEA stores.

Key benefits of the changes are:

  • Improved Sunday service of every 20 minutes on routes E, F, R and S
  • Improved Monday to Saturday frequency to the Rydons of every 20 minutes
  • B and F2 extended to serve Pinhoe, providing new links to Morrisons, Stoke Hill, Cowick Street, Exwick and Matford
  • Improved reliability on the Red Park & Ride
  • During the afternoon peak, a combined ten minute frequency on Hop2/2B between Exeter and Exminster

Below you’ll find a summary of the changes on each route plus PDFs of the new timetables and network map. You can also download the free Stagecoach app - available in the App and Play stores - or use the online journey planner to plan your journey by bus. New timetable information will be available via the app and journey planner from mid-August.


A Thornpark Rise – City Centre – Alphington DOWNLOAD TIMETABLE

We are introducing minor changes to the timetable to improve reliability and reduce bunching around the peak periods and Saturday afternoons.

B Exminster – Marsh Barton – City Centre – Pinhoe – Exeter Business Park DOWNLOAD TIMETABLE

The majority of journeys will serve the Pinhoe loop instead of EDF Energy. Peak time journeys will serve both. The revised timetable will also provide better spacing in-between route 2 to/from Exminster.

D University – City Centre – Heavitree – Digby DOWNLOAD TIMETABLE

The timetable is amended with the same overall frequencies. Passengers on the Digby Loop will normally need to catch route D to get to the City Centre, and route H to get back.


E & F Exwick – City Centre – Lancelot Road / Savoy Hill / Summerway / Pinhoe DOWNLOAD TIMETABLE

To help improve reliability, peak frequencies will move to every 6 minutes and off peak frequencies to every 7-8 minutes. The F2 will be extended from Summerway via Thackeray Road to create a new link to Sainsbury's and the Pinhoe loop every 30 minutes during the daytime and slightly more frequently during the Monday – Friday peak period. 

G Hamlin Gardens – City Centre – The Quay 

There is no change to this timetable. Newer buses will be allocated to the route.

H St David’s Station – City Centre – RD&E Hospital – Digby DOWNLOAD TIMETABLE

This route will now finish at St David’s Station. Route 5 will serve Cowley Bridge (Wrefords Lane / West Garth Road loop) and route D will continue to serve the University. Customers can also catch routes 5, 55 and 155 from Cowley Bridge Road. Passengers on the Digby Loop will normally need to catch route D to get to the City Centre, and route H to get back.

J & K Whipton Barton – City Centre – Countess Wear – The Rydons – Digby DOWNLOAD TIMETABLE

Services J and K will no longer go to Pinhoe but will operate on a loop from Whipton shops to Sainsbury’s Junction and finish in Whipton Barton. Pinhoe will be served by the newly extended routes B and F2, offering new links to Morrisons, Stoke Hill, Cowick Street and Exwick. The 1 service will continue to serve the main road every 20 minutes.

The frequency to the Rydons will increase from every 30 to every 20 minutes. This is in response to growth along the route and in anticipation of the new IKEA store opening early 2018.

P Crossmead – City Centre – Pennsylvania DOWNLOAD TIMETABLE

The P will see a reduction in frequency to every 30 minutes to help improve the reliability along the route.

Red Honiton Road P&R – City Centre DOWNLOAD TIMETABLE

Morning and afternoon stopping journeys (before 0900 from the city centre and between 1557 and 1900 from Honiton Road) will continue but will labelled ‘Red’ rather than ‘M2’. Buses will also return to their previous route to improve reliability and will therefore no longer serve the Met Office. On Bank Holidays, the frequency will be increased to every 12 minutes.


R & S City Centre – Heavitree – Rifford Road – Topsham Road – City Centre DOWNLOAD TIMETABLE

From Monday to Friday buses on routes R and S will both run at a 12 minute frequency across the day. On Sundays, the frequency on both routes will be increased from every 30 to every 20 minutes. This is to help tackle congestion and improve reliability as well as offering better links into the city centre on what has become a busy of the week.

T City Centre – Countess Wear – Topsham DOWNLOAD TIMETABLE

There will be minor timetable changes to the peak journeys on this route to coordinate with the changes to the J/K.

Green Matford P&R – City Centre – Sowton P&R

There are no changes to this service.

2 Exeter – Exminster –Dawlish – Teignmouth – Newton Abbot DOWNLOAD TIMETABLE

There will be changes to early morning and afternoon peak journeys with earlier departures from Teignmouth at 0547 and from Newton Abbot at 0620. In the afternoon, there will be an increased number of departures from Exeter at 1706, 1726, 1746 and 1811. On the 2B, afternoon services have been retimed with departures at 1716 (Exminster), 1740 (Exminster) and 1800 (Teignmouth). This means the combined Hop2/2B will provide a 10 minute afternoon frequency between Exeter and Exminster.

4 Exeter – Cranbrook – Honiton  - Axminster

From 16 October there will be an extra early morning journey in connection with the opening of the Lidl distribution centre.

5 Exeter – Newton St Cyres – Crediton DOWNLOAD TIMETABLE

All journeys on route 5 will be diverted to serve Cowley Bridge (Wrefords Lane / West Garth Road loop), replacing H. The 5A, 5B and 5C will continue unchanged. Additional 5 journeys will run at 1810 from Exeter and 1849 from Tuckers Close to reduce the current gap in the timetable. The 1815 5A and 1835 5B from Exeter will move 5 minutes to 1820 and 1840 respectively