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Proposals for changes to North Devon bus services

We recently held two consultation events in North Devon to present our proposals for changes to some of our North Devon bus services. We want to give those who were not able to attend these events the opportunity to review our draft timetables and provide feedback which we can incorporate into our planning.

Please note, these are drafts only so we can gather your feedback before deciding on any actual changes.

Below, you'll find a summary of our draft proposals and a link to the draft timetables. Please submit any comments you may have either by email to or by post to Operations Manager, Stagecoach South West, Unit 14 Benning Court, Riverside Road, Pottington Industrial Estate, Barnstaple, EX31 1QN no later than 17 September 2016.

Summary of proposed changes

Services between East the Water, Bideford and Appledore


Following the feedback received from the bus surgeries held at East the Water, Bideford and Appledore, the overwhelming request was for a half hourly service to Bideford.

Our proposal is to revise our current service to operate as a circular shuttle linking both East the Water and Appledore to Bideford every half hour. This will then connect with Service 21 for onward travel to and from  Barnstaple. It will be numbered 15A or 15C depending on the direction of travel around East the Water.

From Bideford, Service 15A (anticlockwise) will operate through East the Water via Torrington Road, Barton Tors, Gammaton Road, Cliveden Road, Alverdiscott Road, Manteo Way and Barnstaple Street, whilst Service 15C (Clockwise) will operate the opposite way round, along Barnstaple Street then Manteo Way, Alverdiscott Road, Cliveden Road, Gammaton Road, Barton Tors and Torrington Street.

Barnstaple area services


Service 8/8A to be withdrawn and will be replaced by the following new services:

Service 19 will link Roundswell with Sainsburys, Barnstaple Rail Station, Bus Station and North Devon Hospital running every 30 mins throughout the day. The Woodville section of the route will be covered by Service 12, which is operated under contract to Devon County Council.

For the Forches and Whiddon Valley section of the route, we have two proposals for consideration.

Proposal 1
A new 20 min service between Bus Station, Forches Estate and Whiddon Valley numbered 11, but with the route reversed in Forches, so that buses towards Whiddon Valley operate along Forches Avenue and Greenbank Road, buses towards the Town Centre operating along Willshire Avenue and Gould Road. The rest of the route will operate as the current 8/8A.

Proposal 2
A 20 min Service between the Bus Station and Whiddon Valley, but with one bus per hour diverting through Newport, Coppice Gate, Tesco Rose Lane and Barton Road in both directions instead of Forches. Once per hour it will form a circular service from the Bus Station then Forches, Whiddon Valley, Barton Road, Tesco, Coppice Gate, Newport and the Bus Station in both directions. This option restores links from Whiddon Valley to Newport. Buses travelling from the Bus Station to Forches and Whiddon Valley will be numbered 11C (clockwise) and journeys from the Bus Station to Newport, Coppice Gate and Whiddon Valley will be numbered 11A (anticlockwise). The routing through Forches would also be revised as detailed in Option 1.