Improvements to Route 7 between Aldershot and Hartey Wintney 

From Sunday, 15th April there will be some changes and improvements to Route 7 between Aldershot, Fleet, Hartey Wintney.

The current route 7 between Aldershot and Reading will be split in to two routes:

Stagecoach route 7 will operate along the current route between Aldershot, Fleet, Elvetham Heath and Hartley Wintney. 

Reading Buses route 7 will operate along the current Stagecoach 7 route between Reading and Hartley Wintney, continuing direct in to Fleet for onward rail connections.

Improvements from 15th April are listed below.

  • Most journeys will now continue to Phoenix Green, providing a new, regular bus service for this area.
  • On weekdays there is now an extra journey from Aldershot at 16:35, 17:35 and 18:35 instead of 17:05 and 18:05.
  • Two journeys from Aldershot/Church Crookham and Pondtail on a weekday morning will now serve Fleet Station. Three journeys in the evening will also serve Fleet Station (18:03, 19:03 and 20:03).
  • Saturday mornings will now have an extra journey from Hartley Wintney arriving in Aldershot at 08:49, ideal for those needing to get into town for 9am.
  • There will be two weekday evening journeys from Fleet Station to Hartley Wintney, instead of one.
  • Service 8 will be replaced with new schooldays only service 406 & revised service 408.

Existing Stagecoach tickets will continue to be accepted on Reading Buses until their expiry date.

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