Getting around Basingstoke is as easy as...

1, 2, 3

Whether you need to get to work or the train station, popping into town to go shopping, or meet up with friends, going by bus has just got a whole lot better.

We have recently rolled out out a number of improvements to make bus travel for Basingstoke more accessible and simple to use.

A splash of colour

To make it easier to get around Basingstoke we’ve colour-coded the high frequency routes, so you‘ll easily spot the bus you need to catch. 


Great value tickets
Whether you are making a quick trip into town, need to get around during the day, or have to travel to and from work most days, we are sure to have just the ticket for you!...

Dayrider > £4.40 - go anyway across Basingstoke during the day, hop on and off as much as you want!
Megarider > £14.10 - 7 days unlimited travel across Basingstoke, great to get you to and from work!
28 days Megarider > £50.50  - 28 days unlimited travel across Basingstoke, gives you even more savings on regular travel


Time for another ?
Enjoy a night out on the bus with Nightrider - unlimited bus travel after 7pm for just £2.50

Frequent, easy & convenient
Use our website and app to plan and check your journey with live bus times and a bus tracker. View our town network map and frequency guide is on the other side, to help you easily find the services that suit your travel needs best.

So, get on board, enjoy the free Wi-Fi and let someone else worry about traffic congestion and parking.

Basingstoke network jpeg
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