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Basingstoke Route 2

Route 2 connects Baughurst and Tadley with central Basingstoke, including the hospital and rail station. Buses run more often, up to every 12 minutes during the day, with extra journeys in the evening too. 

The new look buses boast free to use WiFi so customers can stay connected on their journey. Also, a first for Basingstoke, route 2 buses are fitted with air conditioning making them more comfortable all year round. 

We’re rolling out a number of improvements here in Basingstoke, route 2 is just the start of our journey, with its fresh new look, air conditioned buses and improved timetable. 

Here in Basingstoke buses are very important, both to the communities they serve and to our local economy. Our strong partnerships, with local authorities and businesses, are improving buses – key to stimulating Basingstoke’s economic growth for the future.

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Route 2 timetable