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Basingstoke Ticket Trial 2

Finding the right Basingstoke bus ticket is now even easier

We know choosing the right bus ticket can sometimes seem tricky, especially if you are not a regular bus user.

So, with our new ticket options we've made it easier for you to find the ticket you need:

  • Singles and returns - buy on the bus -  when you only need to make one trip  
  • Day tickets - buy on the Stagecoach Bus App or on board - unlimited travel in the Basingstoke area all day
  • Weekly tickets - buy on the Stagecoach Bus App or on board - great value savings, so the more you travel in a week the more you'll save. 
  • 4 week tickets - buy online - great value ticket if you use the bus all the time


Download the Stagecoach Bus App

Buy your 4 week bus ticket now 


Great savings for young people

If you're aged 5 to 18, you can get 13% discount on all bus tickets across Basingstoke!

Travel all day for just £3.70* when you go by bus.

For full details see our guide to Basingstoke tickets.

*This price is when you purchase your ticket on the Stagecoach Bus App. Prices may vary when purchased on the bus. 


Everyone can save with the new group ticket

Travelling in a group of up to four people? For £5.50 get a day's unlimited bus travel after 9.30, Monday to Friday, and all day at weekends. That's only £1.38 per person when four people travel together.

Up to any four people travelling together can also buy a peak group ticket for all day travel before 9.30 for just £8.40 - that's £9.60 less than when you buy separately.

For full details, see our guide to Basingstoke tickets.

Save even more when you buy on the Stagecoach Bus App!

You can save even more on adult and young person's day and week tickets when you buy them on the Stagecoach Bus App.

Download the App and start saving now.

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