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Following changes to government guidance in England and Wales more seats are available on our buses and standing is allowed. There will also be more seats available in Scotland.

Please continue to wear a face covering throughout your journey, unless you’re exempt. 

For the latest travel information for England, Wales and Scotland, see our Coronavirus page

Greener Smarter Healthier

Greener Smarter Healthier

Using the bus can form part of your daily routine; helping with those essential journeys as well as keeping you fit and healthy too.

The NHS recommends that adults take part in 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity a week, spread across 4 or 5 days. If you break that down that’s just 30 minutes of activity a day and if you choose to use the bus your walk to the bus stop could help you reach that daily activity goal!

A third of our daily journeys are less than a mile away. For your local journeys why not take the bus or walk when visiting your friend or popping to the shop next. It’ll help get those steps up as well as helping to reduce pollution in your area.

The benefits of changing to walking and bus travel

Walking helps you feel better; it’s been proven to help reduce stress. (i)

Walking just 20 minutes a day can help reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes and some cancers. (ii)

Using the bus takes cars off the road, helping air quality in local towns and cities – one full double deck bus can take up to 75 cars off the road. (iii)

Taking the bus can help tackle loneliness and other social issues. (iv)


Pledge a journey a week and win!

Why not take our active travel pledge, and swap one car journey a week for the bus over a month for a chance to win an active travel bundle worth over £230. The travel bundle will include a Fitbit, back pack, Chillys bottle and months travel on Stagecoach. 


Take a photo of all four of your return or dayrider tickets for journeys you’ve taken for the month you pledged to change and we’ll enter you into our prize draw. If you choose to use the app, take a screen shot of your purchase history showing the four dayrider tickets you purchased that month.


The competition is open from 4th October - 31st December. Send your photos to [email protected] to enter. Terms and Conditions for competition at bottom of this page.



Greener Smarter Healthier Competition

How can Stagecoach help you make the change to active travel?

Use the journey planner on the Stagecoach Mobile Bus App to plan your journey, it’ll tell you where your nearest bus stop as well as when the next bus will be, and your ticket options too.

Buy tickets from the driver with your contactless card or device, you can also download tickets to your phone on our mobile app.

If we all make the change to bus for just one journey in 25 we can help save 2 million tonnes of co2 emissions a year. (viii)


Competition terms & conditions

Return or DayRider tickets only for competition entrants, MegaRider, TermRider or StudentRider tickets will not be accepted. Paper tickets or tickets purchased on the app will be valid for entries. Four journeys on different days will be needed for a valid entry. Tickets dated before 4th October will not be valid for entry, and tickets dated after 31 December 2021 will not be entered.


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