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Your improved Gold 1 timetable has arrived

Your 2016 Gold 1 timetable now features:

  • Buses every 20 minutes from 9pm to midnight
  • Revised timetable with extra resource for improved reliability
  • Better connections to late night trains out of Waterloo in to Farnborough Main Rail Station 

Take me to the Gold 1 timetable for Aldershot/Camberley

Enhanced evening frequency up until midnight

Whether you’re out late with friends, been cramming for an exam in the library or finishing the late shift, at the end of a long day, you just want to get home. With buses now every 20 mins from 9pm up until midnight, your journey home just got a whole lot easier.

Don’t fork out on a taxi, or ring your parents or mates for a lift, catch the Gold 1 home. Not only is the bus convenient, but it’s also great value. Travel after 7pm and get unlimited travel across the evening for just £2. No ID, no discount card, just great value travel, ask your driver for a nightrider gold.

New bus times and increased resource

Because the Gold 1 is such a high frequency route in a busy, built up area, it can be tricky identifying the right solution for both the service and our customers.

We’ve put a lot of research and analysis into how to improve the service overall and hopefully, we have found the answer.

Your Gold 1 timetable has been re-timed throughout, with extra resource in peak times of the day. The combined impact of the increased resource and new bus times should improve the overall performance of this popular route.

Enhanced connections to evening trains in to Farnborough Main

Your Gold 1 now offers bus connections for the 2335 and 2348 from Waterloo into Farnborough main. Your Gold 1 will await passengers and take those on the 2335 train home to Camberley and Aldershot, and 2348 passengers home to Aldershot and Northcamp.