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Surrey Hills Walks in the Downs, get there with Stagecoach 

To celebrate 70 years of  Surrey Hills National Areas of National Beauty Stagecoach South have teamed up with Surrey Hills South Downs National Park to connect local people with their environment!

The idea behind the campaign is to celebrate 70 years of protected landscapes all around the South East.

We have picked out some of the walks In the Surrey Hills area you can enjoy using Stagecoach South bus services:


The Greensand Way - Take Routes 19, 70, & 71 to start in   Haslemere 

​Walk 1 - is 3.25 miles long and takes about 1.5 hours to complete. The walk starts from Haslemere Town Centre and ends at Gibbet Hill. From Gibbet Hill You can either walk back to Haslemere or take the bus back to Haslemere from Hindhead Crossroads (Approx 20 minute walk).


Walk 2 - is 10.75 miles long and takes about 5.5 hours to complete. Like the walk above, it starts at Haslemere Town Centre and continues on from Gibbet Hill on to Warmley, Godalming. From Warnley, a Route 71 can be taken back to Haslemere.

More information on both of these walks can be found here


The North Downsway Trail - Take Routes 17 or 18 to start in Farnham 

The walk is approximately 11 miles long and starts close to Farnham Train Station and ends in Guildford. From Guildford you can then catch a Route 65 back to Farnham.

For more information on this walk click here.


National Trust River Wey & St Catharine's - Take Route 2 or The Kite to start at The National Trust River Wey 

The walk is approximately 5.5 miles long and will take about 3 hours to complete. The walk starts at Dapdune Way, through Guildford towards the cathedral, down towards St Catherine's Hill and loops back round to Dapdune Way.

For more information on this walk click here.


Devils Punch Bowl - Take Route 18 or 19 to start at Hindhead Crossroads

The walk is approximately 4.5 miles long and starts at The National Trust Punchbowl. This is a 20 minute walk from Hindhead Crossroads. The walk takes you all the way around The Devil's Punchbowl in a loop, there is also a cafe on the route. 

 For more information on this walk click here


Farnham Heritage Trail - Take Route 19 to start at Castle Street

The walk consists of 12 plaques dotted around Farnham, find out more about the history of the area while stretching your legs.

For more information on this walk click here.  


Here are some nice places to visit in the Surrey Hills area using Stagecoach South bus services:

Jack the Hammer (Abinger Hammer) - Take Route 32 to get there.

Take a stroll along the river Tillingbourne, a river which was contained into a hammer pond in the 16th century to provide power for the village mill. When you have finished looking at the fantastic sights why not stop into the Arbinger Hatch for some refreshments!


Chilworth Gunpowder Mills - Take Route 32 to get there.

Have a wonder around the ruins   of the gunpowder works which was in production for nearly 300 years in the 16th Century.   Fancy a bit afterwards? Why not stop into the Percy Arms before getting the bus home! 


Watts Gallery - Take Route 46 to get there. 

Take a look at the greatest  painter and sculptor work of the Victorian-era, George Watts and his potter wife Mary, who created Watts Chapel 


Click on the route numbers to see the timetables for each one and plan your trip or use the journey planner below!


  Click here for more information about Surrey Hills