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For the latest travel information for England, Wales and Scotland, see our Coronavirus page.

From Monday 17th May in England only, we’re safely and steadily making more seats available on local buses, when busy. For full details go to our travelling safely page.

Please continue to keep your distance, where possible and wear a face covering throughout your journey, unless you’re exempt.

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Did you know…

The average person living in the UK produces 6.5 tonnes of Carbon a year*

We can all work together towards a cleaner and greener future, by making small switches every day!


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Other ways to help reduce your carbon footprint with small changes...

Spend less time in the shower

Reducing your shower time by one minute can reduce your Carbon footprint by 23kg a year!

Hanging out your washing instead of tumble drying it

This can reduce your Carbon footprint by 153kg a year!


Using the dishwasher efficiently

It uses considerably less water than washing up by hand whilst also saving you time and effort. Additionally, despite the myth, pre-washing your plates and dishes before putting them in the dishwasher is unnecessary and wasteful. For those plates and dishes with excess food residue, simply scrape them off into your food waste or equivalent and your dishwasher can deal with small amounts of residue. 


Be Bee Friendly

Bees are essential for the environment, our crops and our economy (pollinating 80% of European wildflowers and providing at least £1.8 billion to the UK economy each year through pollinating our crop). Help them by providing a source of water and Bee friendly plants in your garden (such as lavender, crocus and marjoram).


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