West Scotland Service 11

Service 11 Birthday Celebrations

Service 11 Jane McCarry

Eleven lucky Stagecoach West Scotland customers, along with their guests joined Jane McCarry, Still Game's Isa for a special trip on board the Service 11, finishing with afternoon tea at Si! in Irvine.

With over 200 competition entries, the judges were able to pick out their top 11 stories from "Life on the 11".  Here are our top 11 stories from "Life on the number 11":


Melanie Gibson
"I was in labour on the number 11 bus on my way to Crosshouse hospital, the driver was lovely and didn't seem worried at all.  Everyone on the bus made it so comfortable."

Chris Reid
"I use the service every week to travel to my voluntary radio presenting job, without the 11 service it wouldn't be as convenient for me to get there, in fact I dare say over the last 4 years I'd not be in the voluntary position if it wasn't for the service."

Michael Maguire 
"My life on the Service 11 bus is usually spent picking up my daughter from her mum's house and taking her to mine.  I love taking her out the pram and for her to gawk out the window until before our stop.  If it wasn't for the 11 I wouldn't see her."

Anne Denniston 
"My daughter has trained with a local gymnastics club for eight years.  When they moved their facility in 2012, the number 11 bus became our way of life seven days a week to get her to training.  Even in the worst weather the buses have got us there!."

Gareth Jones

"I spend an hour each working day on the number 11, it gives me much needed time to wake up and the journey home lets me unwind. The free WiFi makes the journey fly."

Stephanie Alison 
"I have an eye condition and the number 11 gives me the confidence to travel myself.  I have always received a great service from the number 11 and think it's great that they're giving back by giving such a great opportunity to people by doing this."

Christine Graham 
"My two month old prem baby was due Jan 2018 and was in ICU at Crosshouse hospital, the same day my Mum was very ill in ICU.  The 11 bus was our only transport every day for two months.  Thank god for this bus and their prices."

Michelle McMail 
"I travel on the 11 to go and look after my service users as I'm a carer and use the bus every day and night."

Andrew Caldwell 
"I use this service everyday and it's fantastic, the vehicles are always well presented and clean as well as the drivers who are also welcoming and with free WiFi and plug sockets that make the journey to work enjoyable."

Samantha Bingham
"I love using the no 11 to get to and from the town centre at the weekend.  Not having the car allows me to participate in a wee drink or two whilst meeting up with friends and family.  You always meet characters on the number 11 bus and this makes my day. 

Robbie Crossan 

"Taking the kids to the beach using number 11 is best way for me.  Means I can plug my earphones in and ignore them.  Can't do that when driving.  Total bliss."

Thank you to everyone who entered! 

*Some details have been removed to protect competition winners privacy.