Enjoy Your Peace. Say goodbye to jam packed trains and hello to reliable, stress-free bus journeys.

Getting to Glasgow by Bus

Not sure why you should travel by bus? 

Here's ten reasons to ditch the stress and go by bus...


1. Want to catch up on the latest podcast but no data or battery left? No worries - relax and plug in with our free WiFi and USB charging points.


2. No cash? No problem. All of our bus services accept contactless, Apple and Android pay.


3. Wave goodbye to jam-packed trains - just sit back and relax in your comfortable leather seat.


4. Do your bit for the environment - choose the bus! Stagecoach buses comply with Glasgow’s low emission zones and the latest Euro standards - choosing the bus helps take up to 60 cars off the road.


5. Not sure where to catch the bus? Download the Stagecoach Bus App to find your nearest stop.


6. Travel with three friends for as little as £6 return when you buy an X77 group bus ticket between Ayr and Glasgow.


7. Don’t worry about parking - our express bus services get you right to the heart of Glasgow, Ayr and Kilmarnock in under one hour.


8. Save money on taxi fares - our late-night bus services between Glasgow and Ayr will get you home safely from midnight to 4am.


9. We’ve made our express fleet wheelchair accessible with easy access on the X76 and X77. 


10.Plan your journey with the Stagecoach Bus App - buy your bus tickets and get live bus information in real time.


Find your bus ticket here

Download the X77 Ayr and Glasgow timetable

Download the X76 Kilmarnock and Glasgow timetable


Plan your express service journey now! 

Use the journey planner to the right to find bus times, simply put where you're going to and from, and our journey planner will do the rest! 

Or why not plan your bus journey while you're out and about?

You can use the Stagecoach Bus App to plan your journey from wherever you are - as long as you have your phone! Download the  app, choose ‘plan a journey’,   fill in the form and it will create your journey for you.

If that wasn't good enough, our app even has live bus tracking so you can see exactly where your bus is and find your nearest bus stop too - minimum effort required!


Where can I buy my ticket?

On board the bus...
Simply ask the driver of your bus for the ticket you need, we accept cash, contactless and apple/android pay, so don't worry if you don't have the correct change! 

Buy your tickets online and receive a Stagecoach Smart Card - an electronic card that stores your tickets securely! 
You can load more than one ticket onto your card, or have multiple cards registered to your account so you can add and manage all your family’s cards.

On the Stagecoach Bus App...
Buy your ticket on the app so you don't have to rummage around to find a paper ticket - as long as you have your phone you're good to go! The app is available for free on the App Store (iPhone) and Google Play (Android), just search 'Stagecoach Bus' and download.



Are there any special offers?

Group Dayrider Tickets

The Ayr Glasgow Group Dayrider costs £24, meaning four of you can get to Glasgow and back for £6 each. It's valid for 1 day of unlimited travel on the X77 and X77N services between Ayr and Glasgow. 

The Kilmarnock Glasgow Group Dayrider costs £20.80 meaning four of you can get to Glasgow and back for £5.20 each! It's valid for 1 day of unlimited travel between Kilmarnock and Glasgow on the X76, X76N and X77 and X77N services. 

Group tickets allow travel for 4 persons (this can be any combination of adult or child) and are a perfect option for when you're getting together with friends and family for a big day out in Glasgow! The tickets are available for travel after 0900 on weekdays and all day at weekends. That's a saving of almost £100 when you compare it to a return taxi fare!