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Guide to Stagecoach West Scotland tickets

Where Can I Buy My Bus Ticket?  


Best Value Adult Fares 

Dayrider tickets offer one day of unlimited travel within a specified travel zone. 

Group dayrider tickets offer discounted travel for four people travelling at the same time.  Available for travel after 9am on weekdays and all day during weekends. 

If you travel two or more days per week then our megarider tickets are for you. 

Megarider choose from our seven day or 28 day megarider, valid for each consecutive day within a specified travel zone. - cash / contactless / app / web icons 

Flexirider saves you approximately 15% compared to buying 10 single journey tickets. 


Singles and Returns 

Single tickets are ideal if you only want to travel occasionally.  Return tickets offer you a discount when travelling between two places and are only valid on the date printed on the ticket.  Return tickets cannot be used in the same direction i.e. two single journeys. 


Whatever's on your timetable, our range of student tickets can get you there.  Choose from 4 week or 13 week student bus passes for unlimited travel, which means you can travel as much as you like, as often as you like, whenever you like.  Student pus passes are available to purchase online or from one of our local travel shops. Student identification should always be presented when using your student bus pass or purchasing. Find out more about student tickets.


Best Value Child Fares 

Under 5's Go Free

Up to four children under the age of five can travel for free when accompanied by a responsible passenger.  

Children between the ages of 5 and 15 are entitled to a reduced fare. Children under 16 may be asked to prove their age by showing ID to our driver.  If you don't show ID when we ask, you will need to pay the full fare. 

Coolrider - if you're aged 16 or 17, you can apply for one of our coolrider cards.  A coolrider provides discounted travel up to the age of 18 and can be purchased from one of our travel shops for £5.  Photographs and proof of age must be supplied at the time of purchase. 

Wee Megarider - if you live in Kilmarnock and are aged between 5 and 15, you will be eligible for a wee megarider providing unlimited travel within Kilmarnock for £6.50 per week. 

Ayrfare - if you live in Ayr and are aged between 6 and 15, you will be eligble for a ayrfare ticket providing unlimited travel within Ayr for £8.00 per week or £28 every for weeks.  This can be purchased from Ayr Travel Shop within the bus station, a set up fee of £1 and photographic ID will be required. 


Concessionary Bus Pass Holders

The concessionary travel scheme allows free travel throughout Scotland. If you're over 60 years of age or have a disability, you can apply for a National Entitlement Card from the Scottish Government.  If you need assistance from our driver, you can also apply for one of our journey assistance cards. 


No Cash? No Problem! 

All our bus services now accept contactless payment via bank card or mobile device.  If you would prefer to pay by cash, while the correct fare is always appreciated, our drivers will always try to have sufficient change however at peak times this may not always be possible.  Drivers are not able to accept £50 notes.  If a driver has insufficient change, you may be provided with a change voucher which you can use to pay for future travel or you can redeem for cash at any of our travel shops or on board another Stagecoach service. 



Guide dogs and assistance dogs can travel for free at all times.  Other dogs and small, well-behaved animals may travel for free with the driver's permission.  Animals may not sit on the seats. 


Ticket Inspectors

All passengers must have a valid bus ticket or pass for their journey.  Failure to show this when requested by a Stagecoach official may result in you having to pay the full fare. 


Lost Tickets and Refunds 

If you loose your Smartcard, please call 0345 810 1000, lines are open seven days per week apart from Christmas day from 7am until 10pm or email


Service Disruptions and Cancellations 

We are unable to issue a refund for service disruptions and cancellations due to factors outside of our control, such as road works, diversions, exceptional traffic congestion, major events, extreme weather conditions and other unforeseen operating circumstances.