Travel Happy with Stagecoach West Scotland!

Keep The Heid 

When travelling on our buses - it helps everyone on board travel happy! 

Our bus drivers safely transport people from A to B all across the West Coast of Scotland.  We always try our best to get to you on time, and keep you updated when things don't go quite to plan. 

If you're having a bad day, please keep calm and don't take it out on our bus drivers. 

Gie it Laldy! 

Tell us all about it - the good, the bad, the ugly we want to hear from you! 

We always want to hear feedback about your journey on board.  Let us know about your favourite bus driver or tell us if there is anything we can do to make your journey more enjoyable. 

Stagecoach is always keen to hear about any feedback you have from your journey. Let us know about your experiences by following the link below.  

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Here's 5 Tips to Travel Happy!


Travel Happy Tip #1 – Service Updates  

The first tip to be able to Travel Happy is checking service updates before you go. Always be in the loop and check service updates before, and on, the day you travel to ensure your service is running.  

You can find Service updates here. Just be sure to set your location to get the relevant updates. 


Travel Happy Tip #2 – Register Your Smart Card 

Using a Stagecoach Smart card is the quickest, simplest, and safest way to buy and use Stagecoach Bus tickets.  

But did you know you can register it on the Stagecoach Website? To register, visit to set up your card using a valid email address and your card’s unique 18-digit code. It only takes a few minutes, and it means that your tickets are protected if your card gets lost or stolen. This certainly helps you Travel Happy!  


Travel Happy Tip #3 – Download the Stagecoach App  

Never miss your bus and never lose your ticket with the Stagecoach App. Use our Live Map & Journey Planner to become the master of your journey!  

With the Stagecoach App you can get Live Service Updates, see which services are busier or quieter and you can buy and download tickets straight to your phone. And you can do this wherever you are!  

The Stagecoach App is convenient, easy to use, and the very best way to Travel Happy!  


Travel Happy Tip #4 Be 5 minutes early for the bus  

Be sure to show up at least five minutes before your bus is expected to arrive. Depending on traffic, your bus might be ahead of time, and if you’re not at the bus stop when they drive past, they won’t pull in!  

Some stops act as timing points to keep the buses right, but it’s always best to be prepared and come a little bit early.  


Travel Happy Tip #5 – Take Your Litter with You   

A helpful tip is that a bin is never too far from bus stops. In fact, most bus stops have a bin right next to them. So please don’t leave rubbish on the bus when getting off. Take it with you to the nearest bin and keep your bus looking its best.   




Bus can be a solution for tackling the challenges we face; improving our health, reducing pressure on the NHS, tackling inequalities and climate change, creating green jobs and strengthening our economy. How can we all help? Showing support for bus with our voices and choices! 

Each of us, in supporting bus, can be part of a national effort towards a safer, fairer, healthier, greener society and a strong, resilient economy. For those who have not chosen to use bus for regular journeys before, this is a great time to plan to choose bus when you return to regular journeys. 

#lovemybus aims to increase awareness, understanding and celebrate all the benefits of bus to everyone! 


To find out more about Love My Bus click here



Ever thought about being a bus driver? 

If you love driving, you are passionate about excellent customer support and can deliver service with a smile, this could be the job for you. 

We have full time and part time roles available across the UK, with flexible hours to fit around you. Whether you're in West Scotland, or East Midlands or somewhere in-between, we offer great pension benefits, competitive holidays and good rates of pay and conditions. Plus get free bus travel in your local area for yourself and a companion! 

For many bus driver roles training is provided – so all you need is a driving licence. 


To learn more, click here

The faces behind the wheel. 


We'd love to introduce you to some of our dedicated bus drivers, you might recognise Billy from driving the local 3 to Kincaidston or Jed making sure everyone gets home from Buchanan Bus Station after a hard days work (or shopping!). 

Billy - Bus Driver | Customer Experience Champion for 2022 


Billy has driven buses for Stagecoach for 18 years, he was one of 650 nominees put forward for incredible service to customers in 2022.  

“I was so surprised to receive the Stagecoach Customer Experience Champion award, because I've always just been me. “I'm the controller with a smile. No day is ever the same and I am lucky enough to talk to people from all over Ayrshire."


Jed - Bus Driver | Customer Experience Champion

Jed has received countless commendations from members of the public on his outstanding customer service.  We regularly receive emails, letters and tweets praising Jed for helping customers in Glasgow.  The Glaswegian with a smile helps get people to where they need to be.  If everyone provided as good customer service as Jed, we'd never have an unhappy customer.   



Cameron - Bus Driver | Stagecoach Hero  


Visibility Scotland got in touch on behalf of a customer, Tommy, to praise Cameron on how he went out of his way to help Tommy and his guide dog Peter.  Due to unplanned roadworks Tommy and Peter were stranded at the side of the road.  Cameron spotted the pair and stopped his bus, he let customers on board know that he was going to help and safely guided them to the bus.  Without Cameron stopping to help, Tommy and Peter would have had to navigate through the roadworks and cross a busy road, but thanks to Cameron both were able to get home safely.  


Earlier this year, Cameron and his partner had a Stagecoach themed gender reveal! The pair are expecting their first baby in the summer.  

If you would like to tell us about your favourite bus driver or route then get in touch via our handy feedback form!