Ayrshire and Glasgow Student Bus Passes

What is a unirider student bus pass? 

Stagecoach unirider - The only student bus pass you need to travel within West Scotland.  If you're a student within Ayrshire or Glasgow you can travel for a lot less with our unirider flexible student bus pass. Unirder is valid for 12 weeks, pay once and use it any time within your chosen travel zone to study or to visit friends and family. 


Why you'll love your West Scotland unirider ticket

With a West Scotland unirider ticket, you can:

  • Tickets are valid for 12 weeks 
  • Travel any time on our buses in your chose travel zone
  • Buy your unirider in advance and never worry about having cash on you


How much will my unirider bus pass be? 

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Ticket Type



 E1 East Ayrshire 


12 weeks unlimited 

 N1 North Ayrshire


12 weeks unlimited

 S1 South Ayrshire


12 weeks unlimited 

 A3 Ayrshire Network


12 weeks unlimited 

G1 Glasgow G1 


12 weeks unlimited  

G2 Glasgow G2


12 weeks unlimited  

G3 Glasgow G3


12 weeks unlimited 

Buy your unirider student bus pass here

Which unirider bus ticket do I need?

Studying in Ayrshire?   If you're studying at the University of West Scotland or at the Ayrshire College campuses in Ayr, Kilmarnock or Kilwinning we have a wide range of tickets to suit your travel needs.  As well as our 12 week unirider tickets we also offer a range of student day tickets. 


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A3 Ayrshire Network - Perfect for students who need to cross between zones in Ayrshire.  
Buy your A3 Ayrshire Network unirider here
E1 East Ayrshire - Ideal for students studying at Ayrshire College - Kilmarnock Campus
Buy your E1 East Ayrshire Network unirider here
N1 North Ayrshire - If you're studying at Ayrshire College - Kilwinning or Irvine campuses this is the ideal 12 week ticket for you
​Buy your N1 North Ayrshire Network unirider here
​S1 South Ayrshire - Ideal for those students studying at the University of West Scotland or Ayrshire College - Ayr Campus, the S1 South Ayrshire zone covers all of South Ayrshire from Girvan through to Troon
Buy your S1 South Ayrshire Network unirider here


Studying in Glasgow? We've just the ticket for you! 

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G2 East and North Ayrshire to Glasgow unirider covers travel from East and North Ayrshire to Glasgow and can be used on our express X76, X34 and X36 buses as well as local services.  The G2 unirider can also be used on service X16 from Kilmarnock to UWS Hamilton Buy your G2 Glasgow Network unirider here
G3 South Ayrshire to Glasgow covers travel from South Ayrshire to Glasgow and can be used on our express X77 coach as well as local services. The G3 unirider can also be used on service X16 from Ayr to Kilmarnock, UWS Hamilton and 52 bus service between Dalmellington and Ayr   ​Buy your G3 Glasgow Network unirider here


Where can I buy my unirider ticket? 

You can buy your unirider ticket from our online store or from one of our travel shops in Ayr, Irvine or Kilmarnock.  Remember you can also get discount on single and return fares when you show a valid Student ID card when boarding your bus. 


What you'll need to travel to college or university

Please note, that to travel using your unirider ticket, you'll need to have a valid NUS, university or college matriculation card with photo ID. Unirider tickets will only be accepted on our buses when you show a valid ID*.


What should I do if I lose my unirider bus ticket? 

Your unirider ticket is a valuable item and must be kept in a safe place.  unirider tickets are not transferable. 


I've never been on a bus before, what do I do? 

Once you've bought your student unirider bus pass you need to find out what times your bus is at so you don't miss that important lecture!

If you've bought your ticket online, chances are you've already downloaded the Stagecoach Bus App.  From here you can plan your bus journey. find out where your nearest bus stop is - you can even live track your bus giving you an extra five minutes in bed or down the pub!.

You're at the bus stop - now what? Simply stick your hand out and hop on board. Show the bus driver your unirider bus ticket and your student ID.  Remember you need both when travelling on our bus services. 

That's you, you're on board sit back, plug in and unwind while we get you to college or university!


Please ensure you look after your unirider ticket as securely as possible, in the event that you do loose it you must report it to the police as lost or a stolen item, the police will provide you with a reference number. Contact Stagecoach West Scotland using the contact details below: 


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Ayr Bus Station Travel Shop 

Kilmarnock Bus Station Travel Shop
Green Street

 Irvine Travel Shop
71 High Street
KA12 0AL


*Current NUS, University or College matriculation card must be presented at the time of purchase and when boarding your bus.  We will only replace a ticket once within its validity period.  An administration charge of £25 will be applied to the replacement of any lost or stolen ticket.  Customers are advised that Stagecoach are not liable for the reimbursement of additional tickets purchased whilst waiting for your replacement tickets to arrive in the post. 

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