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We stop where you shop!

We stop where you shop with services to Silverburn Shopping Centre.  Hop on board our X17 or X44 services and let us do the driving!

Our X17 service runs every Saturday and Sunday to the popular shopping centre.  Directly connecting  Ayr, Prestwick, Kilmarnock, Blantyre, Cambuslang and Hamilton  to Silverburn for the first time providing a much needed alternative to the car. Travel in style on our comfortable double decker coaches with free wifi. To plan your journey check out our X17 timetable.

Our X44 runs Monday to Saturday from Irvine, Lugton, Barrhead stopping at the Pollock roundabout near Silverburn before continuing on to Glasgow.  Click on the link to view our X44 timetable.

X17 route map

X17 Route Map


X17 Bus Stops


  • Ayr, Bus Station (Stance 9)
  • Ayr, Citadel Place
  • Ayr, Police Station
  • Newton-On-Ayr, Tig Road
  • Newton-On-Ayr, Lansdowne Road
  • Newton-On-Ayr, Bellesleyhill Road
  • Heathfield, Woodfield Crescent
  • Heathfield, Woodfield Avenue
  • Heathfield, Marchfield Road
  • Heathfield, Lilybank Road
  • Prestwick, Bruce Avenue
  • Prestwick, Kingscroft Road
  • Prestwick, Brandon Gardens
  • Prestwick, Grangemuir Road
  • Prestwick, St. Quivox Road
  • Prestwick, Kyle Street
  • Prestwick, Station Road
  • Prestwick, Oswald Drive
  • Prestwick, Prestwick Airport
  • Prestwick, Prestwick Holiday Park
  • Monkton, Dutch House Roundabout
  • Hansel Village, Hansel Village
  • Symington, Symington Road North
  • Bogend, The Smithy
  • Bogend, Dundonald Road
  • Kilmarnock, Hurlford Road
  • Kilmarnock, Victoria East Road
  • Kilmarnock, MacKinlay Place
  • Kilmarnock, Shaw's Monument
  • Kilmarnock, Bus Station



  • Kilmarnock, Bus Station
  • Kilmarnock, Church Street
  • Kilmarnock, Wellington Place
  • Kilmarnock, Cuthbert Place
  • Beansburn, Campbeltown Drive
  • Beansburn, Burns Avenue
  • Beansburn, Castle Drive
  • Kilmarnock, Grougar Drive
  • Kilmarnock, Dewalden Drive
  • Kilmarnock, Southcraig Holdings
  • Fenwick, Glaister Bridge


  • Pollok, Silverburn Bus Station
  • Eastfield, Broomfield Avenue
  • Cambuslang, Croft Road
  • Dechmont, Lightburn Road
  • Blantyre, Blantyre Sports Centre
  • Hamilton, Bus Station