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Cheltenham Races

Stagecoach Service “D” operates every 10 minutes between Warden Hill and Bishops Cleeve, this service picks up outside the Rail Station, Town Centre and outside the Racecourse on Evesham Road.     

During the four days of  the “THE FESTIVAL” ,  15th, 16th 17th & 18th March 2016 Stagecoach will operate a special dedicated service from the Railway Station to inside the Course and a further special service from the Town Centre, High Street, to the Course.

Special Bus Service Times

First bus from the Railway Station daily will be 09:15 and last bus will be 15 minutes prior to the first race.

First bus from the town centre will be 10:00 and last bus will be 10 minutes prior to the first race.

First return bus from the Racecourse will be 15:15 and the last bus will be 20:15

Special Bus Service Ticket Prices

Railway Station to Racecourse £3.00 single & £5.00 return.

Town Centre to Racecourse £2.50 single.

Racecourse to Town Centre/Railway Station £2.50 single.

Service D Diversion and Timetable

Between the 15th & 18th March, for the duration of Cheltenham Races a new timetable and diversion on Service D will be in place.

Temporary Timetable

Service D Diversion


Service A

Service A will go along Bouncer's Lane, then divert along Chiltern Road and turn onto Priors Road. 4 stops will not be served whilst o this diversion: 2 on Bouncers lane, 1 on Prestbury Road and 1 on Priors Road.

Service B

A diversion will be in place during Race Week. The following journeys will be missing out stops between The Langton and Berkeley Street when travelling towards Cheltenham Town Centre.

1025, 1055, 1125, 1155 and 1225

These journeys will be missing out stops between Albion Street and The Langton when travelling from Cheltenham towards Charlton Kings.

1555, 1625, 1655, 1725, 1755, 1825 and 1855

Service 99, 94U and D

Between the 14th and 18th March, services 99, 94U and D will not serve the Racecourse Park and Ride site.

Service 99 will use Cheltenham Town Football Club as an alternative park and ride site for this time

Service D will wait its time at the Racecourse Roundabout