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Following changes to government guidance in England and Wales more seats are available on our buses and standing is allowed. There will also be more seats available in Scotland.

Please continue to wear a face covering throughout your journey, unless you’re exempt. 

For the latest travel information for England, Wales and Scotland, see our Coronavirus page

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Student Bus Travel for Cirencester College Students 

Changes to services from 27th September 2021

We're adding extra seats to our busiest routes and changing times to help punctual arrival at College.         Please check the details below carefully before you travel. 

If you're not sure which bus you need, we've put together a guide of buses by area to help. Please click HERE to view. 


C1 - This service will no longer serve St Andrews Ridge - students here will have a new service C3. 

C2 - No changes. On busy days, students for Oakhurst should find extra space on 57.

C3 - This extra bus will start at Orbital Shopping Centre and pick up at St Andrews Ridge.

C4 - No changes.

C5 - No changes. On busy days, students for Lower Stratton may find C4 offers extra seats.

C6 - Lunchtime buses are extended to South Marston, Shrivenham and Faringdon. Our extra morning bus will still run from Highworth.

C7 - This bus will start 10 minutes earlier. Students from Cheney Manor, Moredon and Haydon Wick must use this service, not 57. 

C8 - This extra bus will start in Swindon Bus Station and run via Gorse Hill, Penhill and Cricklade to reduce pressure on C9 and C53. 

C9 - No changes, but extra seats are now available on C8 for students in Gorse Hill and Penhill.

C50 - This bus will run 5 minutes earlier to help an on-time arrival at College.

C51 - No changes.

C53 - To help with an on-time arrival, this bus will no longer run via Kingshill School.

C60 - No changes.

C61 - No changes.

C62 - No changes.

C63 - We'll start 15 mins earlier at Sainsburys and run via Paganhill. The earlier pick-up at Paganhill will guarantee seats for students.

C64 - This bus will run fast to College after Ebley. Students at Paganhill will pick-up earlier on C63 or from Merrywalks use C66 or C69.

C65 - This bus will run 5 minutes earlier to help an on-time arrival at College.

C66 - This bus will now run via Brimscombe. Students at Rodborough and Minchinhampton will have new C69 from their existing stops.

C67 - No changes.

C69 - This extra bus will start at Merrywalks and run via Rodborough and Minchinhampton.

51 - No changes.

57 - This bus will start at Redhouse. Students from Cheney Manor, Moredon and Haydon Wick must use C7 or from Orbital new C3. 

77 - No changes. 


Updated timetables are available to view below. 


Academic Year Megarider

The cheapest way to travel by bus to Cirencester College is to purchase an Academic Year Megarider.

This will allow you to enjoy unlimited travel on Stagecoach West bus services in Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Swindon, Wiltshire, South Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire and Bristol for the duration of your college year, from 06/09/21 to 08/07/22.

This ticket is heavily discounted on our usual prices and costs £650 for the year. 

Buy your Academic Year Megarider

4-week tickets

You can also purchase a 4-week Megarider Gold ticket, which covers you for unlimited travel on all Stagecoach West bus services.  

Buy your ticket on the bus from your driver and you'll be ready to travel the same day. Or purchase your ticket through the website for delivery to your home address   in 3-5 working days.  

This ticket currently costs £82.50.

Buy your 4-week ticket online


1-week tickets

Our 1-week Megarider Gold  covers you for  unlimited travel on all  Stagecoach West bus services. 

This ticket is available to purchase on bus from your driver and currently costs £22.50 or £21 on the Stagecoach Bus App. 


Download the Stagecoach Bus App


Terms & Conditions for Cirencester Student Tickets

Please carefully check our Terms & Conditions before making your purchase.  Note that our Cirencester College Academic Year ticket is available only to genuine students attending the College. 

To prove eligibility for an Academic Year ticket we will share sales data with Cirencester College.  Sales that cannot be identified as Cirencester College students  will be cancelled.  

If we agree to cancel an activated ticket, we will refund the residual ticket value based on a pro-rata calculation of the price paid and the period of time remaining by reference to the data the refund is requested or last date of use. A cancellation charge of £15 will be applied to all refunds.