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In line with the latest government guidance, we've put in place further measures in England to help customers practice social distancing. This includes limiting the available seats on buses.

Face coverings are compulsory when using public transport in England and Scotland. In Wales you must wear a 3 layer face covering on public transport and put it on before travelling unless you are exempt. It is also now compulsory to wear face coverings when using indoor public transport hubs in England only.

The safety of our customers and employees is our priority, so please avoid busy times, use contactless payment and take your litter with you. For up to date information see our Coronavirus page

In Wales you must wear a 3 layer face covering on public transport and put it on before travelling unless you are exempt.
In Wales you must wear a 3 layer face covering on public transport and put it on before travelling unless you are exempt.
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Student Bus Travel for Cirencester College Students 

Travel from £1.67 a journey with an academic year ticket**

Get to and from College the easy way with Stagecoach. We run an extensive network of direct buses and offer a special student discount ticket in partnership with Cirencester College. 

You can buy daily, weekly and four-weekly tickets on the bus at normal prices, but our best value ticket is the Cirencester College smartcard   which covers the whole academic year for £650. This ticket is  heavily discounted on our usual prices and covers all of your travel with us.

Your ticket covers all your journeys with us to College  and is valid on our buses across Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Swindon, Wiltshire and into Bristol and Oxford. Travel in the evenings, weekends and mid-year College holidays at no extra cost - perfect for everything from work experience to a day out shopping! 


Getting to college by bus from September 

We run direct buses arriving in College between 0835 and 0850. Buses leave again between 1610 and 1630, either from the College grounds or from the College A429 layby. Students in and around Stroud can take advantage of our Service 52 if they start College later in the day or finish a little early. Students from Swindon have Services 51 and 57, whilst there's also a 51 bus every hour towards Cheltenham.

In accordance with Government guidance, most buses (51X and all routes starting with an '8' prefix) will run exclusively for use by Cirencester College students.  Social distancing measures will not apply on board College buses, as students are deemed to travel in established 'transport bubbles' each day.  We recommend students use the same buses and sit together in Year Groups whenever possible.  Face masks are mandatory on public transport and our drivers will remind students to wear a mask at all times, unless covered by an exemption.

Some buses remain open to the public and social distancing measures remain in force on such routes.  Generally, this means customers must use only one out of each pair of seats.  Service 51 and daytime trips on Service 77 run to these rules.

Services in Gloucestershire

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 Click below to view a bus timetable*:

*Please note that the timetable will not include all stops. To view all stops, click on the map above.

**Travel from £1.67 per journey based on return travel on 180 days using  the Cirencester College Megarider 
Student Tickets

Services in Swindon, Wiltshire & Oxfordshire


 Click below to view a bus timetable*: 

*Please note that the timetable will not include all stops. To view all stops, click on the map above.


Cirencester College Bus Tickets


Academic Year Megarider 

 The cheapest way to travel by bus to Cirencester College  is to purchase an Academic Year Megarider.   This will allow you to enjoy unlimited travel on Stagecoach West bus services in Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Swindon, Wiltshire, South Gloucestershire and Bristol for the duration of your college year, from 01/09/20 to  03/07/2021. You can even use your ticket on the weekends and in the evenings.

This ticket is heavily discounted on our usual prices and costs £650 for the year.

You can purchase your Academic Year Megarider on our website, through our tickets page.  You will need to 'Request a new smartcard' for your College ticket when you reach the checkout. You'll also need your valid Student ID number before you place the order. Your ticket will be delivered to your home address on a Stagecoach Smart card - an electronic   card that stores your tickets securely.  When boarding the bus, you simply place your smart card on the ticket machine reader.

Buy your Academic Year Megarider here 


4-week tickets

 You can also purchase a 4-week Megarider Gold ticket, which covers you for unlimited travel on all Stagecoach West bus services.  

Buy your ticket on the bus from your driver and you'll be ready to travel the same day. Or purchase your ticket through the website for delivery to your home address   in 3-5 working days.  

In September 2020, this ticket will cost £82.50.

Buy your 4-week ticket online


1-week tickets

Our 1-week Megarider Gold  covers you for  unlimited travel on all  Stagecoach West bus services.   This ticket is available to purchase on the bus from your driver for £22.50. It's even cheaper when you buy through the Stagecoach Bus App for £21. 

Download the Stagecoach Bus App


Terms & Conditions for Cirencester Student Tickets

Please carefully check our Terms & Conditions before making your purchase.  Note that our Cirencester College Academic Year ticket is available only to genuine students attending the College. 

To prove eligibility for an Academic Year ticket we will share sales data with Cirencester College.  Sales that cannot be identified as Cirencester College students from Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Swindon, Wiltshire or South Gloucestershire will be cancelled.  

If we agree to cancel an activated ticket, we will refund the residual ticket value based on a pro-rata calculation of the price paid and the period of time remaining by reference to the data the refund is requested or last date of use. A cancellation charge of £15 will be applied to all refunds.