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In line with the latest government guidance, we've put in place further measures in England to help customers practice social distancing. This includes limiting the available seats on buses.

Face coverings are compulsory when using public transport in England and Scotland. In Wales you must wear a 3 layer face covering on public transport and put it on before travelling unless you are exempt. It is also now compulsory to wear face coverings when using indoor public transport hubs in England only.

The safety of our customers and employees is our priority, so please avoid busy times, use contactless payment and take your litter with you. For up to date information see our Coronavirus page

In Wales you must wear a 3 layer face covering on public transport and put it on before travelling unless you are exempt.
In Wales you must wear a 3 layer face covering on public transport and put it on before travelling unless you are exempt.
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University of Gloucestershire Student Bus Passes

Students travel from just £1.24* per day. Whatever's on your timetable, travel with confidence.

Unirider is the flexible student bus pass that gives you cheaper travel - pay once and use it as many times as you like throughout the term. 


Where can I travel with my unirider? 

If you can get there by bus with Stagecoach West, you can get there with unirider. 

All University of Gloucestershire tickets are valid on any Stagecoach West service. This includes services in Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Wiltshire and into Bristol, Oxford and Swindon.  Unfortunately,  unirider tickets cannot be used on the N94. 


What do I need to get my unirider? 

You will need to present your valid University of Gloucestershire student ID. Unfortunately, we do not accept NUS or any other student ID cards. 


Where can I get my unirider? 

  • On the bus - single, weekly and 4 weekly tickets are available to purchase on the bus with valid student ID. 

  • Academic year tickets can be purchased  on the website.    Tickets will be given you on a Smartcard (an electronic card so no more hunting for your paper ticket!) 

  • Online - unirider 4 weekly tickets can also be purchased on the website. Please note valid student ID is still required upon use.


How much it costs

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Ticket Type


Validity dates

Unirider  Academic Year


1st September 2020 until 30th June 2021

Unirider 4 week 


 Valid for 28 days consecutive travel

Unirider 1 week 


Valid for 7 days consecutive travel 

Unirider Single 

£1.60 Valid for one continuous journey 


What do I do if I lose my unirider?

We don’t replace lost or stolen unirider tickets. If there are exceptional circumstances, we may re-issue you a ticket for a £25 administration fee.

I'm not a University student, do you offer any other discounted tickets? 

We also work with local Colleges through-out Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Bristol to offer student discounts. Ask your College to see if you are entitled to a discount on tickets.


You are unable to use your unirider ticket on the N94 night service between 1am - 4am, Megabus or other operator's services.   

*Based on a University of Gloucestershire annual unirider valid until 30 June 2021 (over 303 days). 


Types of University of Gloucestershire unirider tickets

There are three types of University of Gloucestershire unirider tickets:

  1. unirider single – for one continuous journey

  2. unirider 1 week – for seven days consecutive  travel

  3. unirider 4 weeks – for twenty eight days consecutive travel


Our unirider ticket isn’t valid on MegaBus or other operator’s services.