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University of Gloucestershire unirider - the student bus ticket

Are you a student or member of staff at the University of Gloucestershire?  Buy a Stagecoach University of Gloucestershire unirider ticket and start travelling for less!

You can use your ticket anytime and anywhere on any Stagecoach West service. Whether you’re visiting friends, going to work or handing in your latest essay, unirider helps you get there.

Types of University of Gloucestershire unirider tickets

All University of Gloucestershire tickets are valid on any Stagecoach West service, excluding certain school and night services. 

There are three types of University of Gloucestershire unirider tickets:

  1. unirider single – for one continuous journey
  2. unirider 1 week – for seven days consecutive  travel
  3. unirider 4 weeks – for twenty eight days consecutive travel

Our unirider ticket isn’t valid on MegaBus or other operator’s services.

What you’ll need

To buy a unirider ticket, you’ll need a current photo ID card with a recent photograph from the University of Gloucestershire.

The name of your ID card must match the name on your ticket. 

If you lose your ticket

Your unirider ticket is valuable, so please look after it. If you lose your ticket, you may be able to claim on your own household insurance policy.

We don’t replace lost or stolen unirider tickets. If there are exceptional circumstances, we may re-issue you a ticket for a £25 administration fee.

What it costs and where you can travel

Choose when and where you want to travel and we'll tell you how much it costs.