50 consultation

Have your say on proposed changes to 50, 50a and 50b

We are proposing to make some changes to these services from 2nd September 2018 and would like to hear your ideas and feedback.

The service will be improved by the introduction of newer buses of a higher quality with more comfortable, e-leather seats and free wifi. In addition we want to improve your journey experience by speeding up buses to and from Sheffield.

We can do this by not stopping at every stop on the section of route between Birley and Sheffield Interchange, where alternatives are available for many people.


We would be  grateful if you would spend a little time to tell us what you think about these changes and your service. 

The consultation will close on 15th June 2018  


Our proposal is that buses would continue to stop at all stops between Chesterfield and Birley Lane and then stop at only the following stops (both to pick up and drop off):-


Stops towards Sheffield City Centre

• Stop Number 370021728 - Birley, Birley Moor Road adj Birley Lane

• Stop Number 370023594 - Frecheville, Birley Moor Road adj Heathfield Road (Near Birley Hotel)

• Stop Number 370022625 - Intake, Mansfield Road adj Hollinsend Road

• Stop Number 370022608 - Manor Top, Mansfield Road adj Newlands Drive

• Stop Number 370023211 - Manor Top, City Road adj Eastern Avenue

• Stop Number 370023221 - Manor, City Road opp Cemetery

• Stop Number 370020026 -Skye Edge, City Road adj Granville Road

• Stop Number 370023084 - Park Hill, Duke Street opp Crown Place 

• Stop Number 370010121 - Sheffield Interchange (Stop B5)


Stops towards Chesterfield

• Stop Number 370010121 - Sheffield Interchange (Stop B5)

• Stop Number 370023089 - Sheffield Railway Station

• Stop Number 370023705 - Norfolk Park, Granville Road opp Sheffield College

• Stop Number 370020070 - Manor, City Road adj Manor Lane

• Stop Number 370023220 - Manor, City Road adj Cemetery

• Stop Number 370023046 - Manor Top, City Road opp Eastern Avenue

• Stop Number 370022599 - Manor Top, City Road at Elm Tree

• Stop Number 370022610 - Intake, Mansfield Road adj Woodhouse Road

• Stop Number 370022621 - Intake, Mansfield Road adj Hollybank Road

• Stop Number 370022321 - Frecheville, Birley Moor Road opp Heathfield Road (Near Birley Hotel)

• Stop Number 370021727 - Hackenthorpe, Birley Moor Road  adj Sheffield Road


We will then continue to use all bus stops between Hackenthorpe and Chesterfield.



Changes to service 50

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