Barnsley Student Bus Passes

Students in Barnsley can get cheaper travel on Stagecoach buses. Choose from a student single ticket or a Barnsley College unirider ticket. Save with our Barnsley student tickets today! 


Our student tickets

Single tickets 

If you’re aged between 16 and 18, you can apply for a 16-18 Travel Pass. You’ll be able to buy single tickets on all our buses in Barnsley for just 80p! 

Barnsley College student unirider tickets 

Students at Barnsley College can buy a unirider ticket for unlimited travel on all our buses in Barnsley. You can buy a ticket for a term at a time or for the whole year. 


How to buy your tickets 

You can buy a: 

  • 80p single fare using, using your 16-18 Travel Pass on our buses from the driver 
  • range of term and annual unirider bus and tram tickets – buy online 

You’ll need to show a valid travel pass or Barnsley College ID card to buy and use our student tickets.