Evening Rider

EveningRider - Travel all evening for just £2.50


Cinema, bowling, climbing...

Evening kids activities, pizza, or burger and fries...

Evening food

...cocktails, shots or beer...

Evening drink

...whatever you're doing this evening, get where you need to be (and back) for just £2.50 after 6pm on Stagecoach buses.

Where do you go in the evening?

To see friends? Out for tea? Off to the gym? Bowling with the kids?

 You can travel cheaper and easier with the EveningRider ticket, just £2.50 on Stagecoach buses after 6pm

 Where can you go?

You can travel on all Stagecoach bus services in South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire and North Derbyshire as far as the Chesterfield megarider Plus zone. The Eveningrider is valid on X10 between Barnsley and Haigh. 


Where can we take you today?