Less cash 54 the big switch

Less Cash 54 the big switch

From Sunday 3rd February, we are encouraging you to travel without paying cash for journeys on our 54 buses which run between Chesterfield and Clay Cross. From this date you will no longer be able to buy adult day or any weekly tickets on the 54 bus using cash. 

Why are we doing this?

We’re aiming to speed up your bus journeys and provide a more attractive service. We believe that taking less cash payments will result in quicker journey times and improve your journey experience. This is why we need your help. You can get where you need to quicker. 
On service 54 you can pay for your bus ticket in the following ways – 

Pay contactless on the bus with your contactless-enabled bank card
Download the Stagecoach bus app and buy your ticket on your phone
Use, Apple Pay, Google Pay or Android Pay on your phone or smart device.
Buy your ticket in advance online at

Child day tickets can still be bought using cash. 

Simplifying single fares on 54 

As part of the big switch away from cash, we are simplifying single fares on the 54. We are doing this to speed up journey times and to make things simpler.
From Sunday 3rd February, there will only be four fares, as shown below:


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Current price

New price from 03 February 2019

New Return price





















 The benefits of travelling without cash

Paying for your bus journey by another method other than cash brings you a number of benefits:

Quicker journey times – less time waiting at bus stops.
No need to panic or waste time looking for spare change.
No need to worry about going to the cash machine before boarding.
No need to worry if the driver has enough change.
Carrying less cash is safer for you – payments by card have the same level of protection as chip and pin.

Will you still accept cash on these buses if I forget?

Yes, you will still be able to pay by cash on the 54, but only for single and return journeys - as well as child day tickets. 
Please note from Sunday 3rd February no weekly tickets can be bought on service 54 using cash. Weekly tickets can still be paid for by cash on all other Stagecoach buses.
Be prepared for the big switch - why not download the Stagecoach Bus App to buy your weekly ticket on the app.