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Service 28 runs between Barnsley and Pontefract via Shafton, XPO Logistics, Grimethorpe, Hemsworth, Kinsley, Fitzwilliam, Ackworth and Purston Jaglin hourly during the daytime. An hourly evening and Sunday service is provided by service 28c. The route of this is not proposed to change.

The daytime service is suffering from delays, many due to traffic congestion, which is causing a drop in punctuality. We are keen to improve this and so are suggesting changes to make the service more reliable for our customers.

We propose to reroute the service between Ackworth (Brown Cow) and Pontefract to run directly via the A628 and A639 rather than the existing route via Purston Jaglin. This route is shorter and more direct. It would therefore be slightly quicker. We would still maintain the link to Pontefract Hospital.

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