Sheffield bus partnership

Sheffield Bus Partnership

Stagecoach and other bus companies have joined forces to create the Sheffield Bus Partnership. We’ve been working together to provide you with better bus travel 


Who’s in the Sheffield Bus Partnership 

The following bus companies are in the Sheffield Bus Partnership:


Making travel in Sheffield easier

Since its launch in October 2012, the Sheffield Bus Partnership has worked together to provide you with:

  • an easier to understand and simpler bus network
  • better coordinated timetables
  • great value ticket range for multi-operator travel
  • frequent services on a number of routes
  • fewer route changes
  • more buses with low floor access

Download the Bus Partnership network map for North Sheffield or the Bus Partnership network map for South Sheffield.


Our simple promises to you 

  1. Keep you safe – we’ve installed CCTV in buses and interchange facilities and we’re working with the police and the City of Sheffield Council to make your journey safe.
  2. Provide regular, reliable services – we’ll work hard to arrive on time and make sure you can always catch your last bus.
  3. Be friendly, helpful, and fair – our staff will be welcoming and helpful. We’ll ensure we treat all customers with courtesy and respect, responding promptly to enquiries.
  4. Keep you informed – we’ll provide clear, timely information about our standards and services on the buses and at bus stops.
  5. Listen to you – we’ll make it easy for you to contact us, listen to your feedback or complaint and tell you what we’ve done as a result.
  6. Address any issues promptly – we’ll aim to resolve any issues you raise within five working days. If we can’t, we’ll explain why.
Download the full Sheffield Bus Partnership Promises

Achievements so far

Key achievements of the Sheffield Bus Partnership include:
  • at least 35% of passengers in Sheffield now pay lower fares
  • customer complaints have decreased 44%
  • 5.3% passenger growth on bus services throughout the city
  • 14% growth in fare paying adult passengers
In the last twelve months, 91% of buses have been on time and over four million extra customers discovered the benefits of using the bus.

Contact the Sheffield Bus Partnership

You can contact any of the Sheffield bus partners direct or you can call Travel South Yorkshire  on 01709 515 151.