Sheffield hybrid buses

Sheffield hybrid buses - cleaner & greener!

Stagecoach have forty hybrid buses in Sheffield on routes 52 and 120 in the city.

Why you’ll love our Sheffield hybrid buses

Our hybrid buses on routes 52 and 120 are great news for Sheffield. They: 
  • use 30% less fuel than traditional buses
  • emit a third less CO2 emissions
  • provide a smoother rides for passengers
  • have free Wi-Fi  access

Visit our Timetables page for more information. 

Why hybrid buses are better for the environment

Our new hybrid buses take their power from a combination of diesel and electricity. The buses also cleverly recycle the energy created from braking and store it in batteries to power the vehicles. Our newest nineteen hybrid buses, operating on route 52, also have Stop-Start technology, saving even more energy. Tests have shown that these low carbon buses use 30% less fuel and emit a third less carbon than traditional buses. 

How they work

Conventional buses

A conventional bus uses an engine large enough to drive a shaft capable of coping with climbing a steep gradient, fully loaded with passengers.

Hybrid buses

Our new hybrid buses have their own handy electricity generating system. 

The diesel engine is not working as hard to turn a drive shaft and produces electricity for the electric motor. The engine runs at a rate to maintain the average power needed to run the bus.

When the bus needs a burst of extra power, it simply draws the extra energy from the battery supply. 
When the bus doesn’t need as much power, the controller unit redirects the electricity back to be stored in the batteries until they’re replenished.