We want your feedback about services 2 2a and 91

We want your feedback about services 2 2a and 91

We are proposing some changes to services 2, 2a and 91 between Holymoorside, Walton and Chesterfield. From 8th April to 5th May, we would like your feedback!


From July 2019, we will be making some changes to services in the Holymoorside and Walton areas. This is due to a decline in passenger numbers.

We need to make some changes to our services to ensure their long term sustainability. Changes to our services in Holymoorside are needed as our current service 91 is not covering its running costs. Two key changes are required. These are:

  • to change the daytime frequency from every 45 minutes to a bus every hour
  • to route the service via Walton

We propose to combine services 2/2a and 91 during the day, with a bus serving Green Farm Estate/Loundsley Green, Chesterfield Town Centre, Walton and Holymoorside. Moorland View Road and Greenways will no longer be served by services 2 or 2a.

Service 90 will continue to serve Walton and will serve both Moorland View Road and Greenways on a half hourly basis, replacing service 2 and 2a. The 90 will continue to serve Chatsworth Road between Boythorpe Road and Walton Road.

The new service will operate hourly between Holymoorside and Chesterfield. Between Chesterfield and Green Farm, the route will not change and will continue to be served by two journeys per hour.

The two X17 journeys which commence at Holymoorside on weekday mornings will now begin at Walton Shops. The Monday to Saturday afternoon journey which finishes at Holymoorside will finish at Walton Shops. This is due to the extremely low passenger usage on this section of the route – an average of only 1 passenger per journey.

Service 2b and 91 evening and Sunday journeys will continue to run the current route and the times will be unchanged.

We have tried very hard to come up with a solution that causes the minimum adverse impact to our customer. We would welcome any comments or feedback you may have on these proposals.










​New route for the 2, 2a and 91 service


2 2a and 91 new map


We want your feedback on services 2 2a and 91

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