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x19 hate traffic nd paying for parking catch the bus fast and direct

X19 Barnsley to Doncaster - there is a better way

Catch the fast and direct X19 bus between Barnsley, Goldthorpe and Doncaster 

What's so good about catching the bus anyway?

It's going your way! 

Why bother with the chore of driving? If you’re going between Barnsley, Goldthorpe and Doncaster, you’re probably driving the same route as the X19 express bus service anyway, as it uses the most direct route (it doesn't go all around the houses). 
So why fight your way through the traffic when you can let us do the hard work for you? Relax .. we’ll be there in no time!

women relaxing on the buses

sCARy parking costs? 

Paying a small fortune for parking and spending ages looking for a space? …. Why bother? 
The X19 bus goes right into the middle of town.
So no fuss, no parking charges and no stress!

scary parking charges - x19


Got better things to do with your time? 

Wasting half your day sat in traffic and dodging pot holes? Wish you could spend your morning commute watching cat videos instead?
There’s Free Wifi on the X19 bus!

X19 - wish you could be watcing cat videos instead


It's never been so easy to catch the bus - give it a go!

Live bus tracking   means you can get to the bus stop just before the bus does – so no waiting around.

See exactly where you’re going and where to get off – the online journey planner   makes it easy.

You don’t need to faff about with change – just pay contactless   …it’s simple!

Tickets are easy – you can even get day tickets before you go. There’s an App for that!   It’s the Stagecoach Bus App.