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X6 express service from Sheffield to Doncaster Sheffield Airport

X6 - Sheffield to Doncaster Sheffield Airport

Your express X6 runs between Sheffield, Handsworth, Waverley Advanced Manufacturing Park, Wickersley, Bramley, iPort, Doncaster South Park and Ride and Doncaster Sheffield Airport – 7 days a week


  • Express, direct bus
  • Free Wifi
  • Usb charging
  • Comfy seats


Getting you to work or the airport proper quick.


Single fare between Sheffield and Wickersley just £2.50

Day ticket between Sheffield and Doncaster Sheffield Airport just £4.90


The X6 bus runs 7 days a week, hourly between Sheffield and Doncaster Sheffield Airport and every 30 minutes between Sheffield and Wickersley.




We provide affordable express travel to and from Doncaster Sheffield Airport with our X6 service. With our fare to the airport just £4.90 you can start your adventure for less with Stagecoach!

Journey Information from Sheffield to Doncaster Sheffield Airport

Fares from:   £4.90     

Average journey time: 65 minutes

Changes: None

Distance: 24 miles

Bus operators: Stagecoach


Get your trip started with our direct X6 service from Sheffield to Doncaster Sheffield Airport, landing at iport and Waverley Advanced Manufacturing Park on the way. We’ll take the stress out of your journey with this express service with limited stops, aiming to get you there as quickly and as easily as possible. Don’t forget, you can track your bus live on our new app so you know exactly where your bus is, making sure you get there in time.


Our X6 will get you from A to B, taking the following route:


Sheffield Interchange(D5)
Waverley Advanced Manufacturing Park
Doncaster South Park and Ride
Doncaster Sheffield Airport

How can I buy a ticket?

If you’re after a single fare simply buy your ticket once you board the bus from your driver using cash or pay contactless - it’s as easy as that!


However, if you’re a regular customer and you’re wanting a day or week ticket or a pass, you can also buy one from your driver or use the Stagecoach Bus App to buy a mobile ticket which stays on your phone – just show the driver this when you get on the bus.


Our great value £4.90 dayrider Silver ticket or £17 week (£16 online or on the app) ticket allows travel on the X6 service as well as all other Stagecoach buses in South Yorkshire.


With free WiFi, USB charging and comfy seats, the X6 is perfect for everyone – not just holiday makers.


If you’re working at Iport, Waverley Advanced Manufacturing Park, or AMP Technology Centre this bus is perfect for you. Your X6 timetable is designed around shift times so you can now get to work easier.

Looking for jobs at iport Doncaster such as at Amazon? If you live in Sheffield or Wickersley, this bus will take you straight there, 7 days a week.



Where does the bus stop?


Towards Doncaster 

370010133           Sheffield Interchange

370022748           Handsworth, Asda

370022755           Richmond Road

370022510           Orgreave Lane

370022509           Highfield Lane

370036045           Highfield Spring/Stephenson Way

370035485           Catcliffe, Morrisons (but you can also alight on Whittle Way and Brunel Way where safe to do so.)

370030614           Whiston, Long Lane

370031023           Moorgate Road

370030303           Newman School

370035030           Newman Road

370030315           The Hind

370030878           Worrygoose Roundabout

370030284           Bent Lathes Avenue

370030877           Sitwell Park road

370030879           Brecks Roundabout

370030261           Brecks Crescent

370030262           Listerdale Junior School

370031015           Sledgate Lane

370031016           Springfield Road

370035236           Wickersley, The Grove

370035247           Northfield Lane

370035127           Plane Drive

370035163           Bramley, Church Lane

370035156           Bramley, Aldi

370035175           Morrisons

370046730           iPort

370046455           Doncaster South Park & Ride

370046720           Auckley, Broad Lane

370046340           Doncaster Sheffield Airport


Towards Sheffield 

370046340           Doncaster Sheffield Airport

370046721           Auckley, Hurst Lane

370046455           Doncaster South Park & Ride

370046730           iPort

370030348           Bramley, Morrisons

370035125           Aldi

370035126           Church Lane

370035158           Wickersley, Plane Drive

370035155           Morthen Road

370035238           Tanfield Way

370035151           Springfield Road

370035337           Sledgate Lane

370030865           Brecks Moorlands

370035016           Sheep Cote Road

370030263           Brecks Roundabout

370035003           Shrogs Wood Road

370030285           Bent Lathes Avenue

370031022           Worry Goose Lane

370030861           The Hind

370035139           Lease Gate Road

370030302           Pleasley Road

370035140           Long Lane

370030034           Catcliffe, Morrisons

370035798           Highfield Spring 

370036046           Highfield Spring/Stephenson Way (But you can also alight Brunel Way and Whittle way where safe to do so.)

370022500           Handsworth, Orgreave Lane/Rotherham Road

370022511           Orgreave Lane/Retford Road

370022756           Richmond Road

370022747           Handsworth, Asda

370022817           Commercial Street

370022788           Fitzalan Square

370010133           Sheffield Interchange


How long does it take to travel from Sheffield to Doncaster Sheffield Airport?

It takes around 65 minutes for our X6 to travel from Sheffield Interchange to Doncaster Sheffield Airport.


Is it a direct service? 

Yes, you don’t need to get off at a connection with this service, it’ll take you right to the door at the airport.


What time does the first X6 depart?

The first X6 from Sheffield Interchange sets off at 0430 on a weekday and at 0652 on a weekend. The first X6 coming back from Doncaster Sheffield Airport sets off at 0535 on a weekday and 0810 on a weekend.


What time is the last X6 bus?

The last bus from Sheffield Interchange is at 2315 and from Doncaster Sheffield Airport at 2310



Need more info about our X6 Sheffield to Sheffield Doncaster Airport service, or about anything else Stagecoach? Check out our help and advice page and get in touch with our team – we’re always happy to help.