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X65 Barnsley to Meadowhall - limited stop service

This service has now been replaced by Stagecoach Gold X17 which will run 7 days a week along the same route as X65.  

You can now travel from Barnsley to Meadowhall  7 days a week with  Stagecoach Gold X17 . 


Stagecoach Gold X17 is a limited stop service between Barnsley, Worsbrough, Birdwell and then joins the M1 at J36 for a direct service to Meadowhall, IKEA Sheffield, Sheffield, Chesterfield and Matlock. 


We've also extended the Barnsley dayrider Plus and Barnsley megarider Plus tickets, which means its just £4.40 for a day or £14.30 for a week, even if you need to connect with other Barnsley services. 


Shopping, cinema or eating out - whenever you visit Meadowhall, catch the new  Stagecoach Gold X17 bus.