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S1 S2 Customer Survey

S1 S2

Here at Stagecoach in Oxfordshire we are committed to run safe, reliable and affordable services for our customers. We are continually assessing the service we provide and looking at ways in which we can improve.

Over the past 5 years we have introduced the Gold service to both the S1 and S2, investing in new buses with free wifi. We have also already increased resources by adding additional drivers and buses on the services as we react to increasing congestion on the routes.

How do we plan timetables?

Our timetables are designed around the 'average' day, meaning that on an exceptionally 'good' day you may experience the driver waiting at a stop as they need to leave the timing point at a certain time to complete the timetable, on a particularly bad day, you might find that the driver is unable to operate to timetable as there is either a road traffic accident or increased congestion and on an 'average' day your journey is on time.

Monitoring over time allows us to look at the journey patterns to see what the average day looks like and plan around this - we have recognised that we need to consider ways to make the S1 and S2 more reliable and would like to collect your opinions on some of the options available.

Please could you take a few minutes to complete this survey about the S1 and S2 services.

This consultation will be open until Friday 14th March 2014.

Click here to complete our short survey.


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