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Here you can read about any timetable amendments, road closures, route introductions and other changes within your selected operating area.


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from 14 April 2013

Last Updated : 27 March 2013 10:59

We have undertaken a review of our operations to develop a more sustainable bus network and tackle delays caused by congestion.

A number of route and timetable changes will be introduced on most services:

Jazz 1 :  Chineham - Town Centre - Brighton Hill - Kempshott Park
An additional morning peak journey will be introduced to relieve overcrowding and provide a 10 minute frequency from Kempshott Park and Brighton Hill into the Town Centre between 0730 and 0830.

Jazz 1 timetable

Jazz 2 :  Baughurst - Tadley - Sherborne St John - North Hants Hospital - Town Centre
Revised route and timetable between Baughurst & Town Centre only. The frequency will increase, so buses will run every 15 minutes on Mondays to Fridays and every 30 minutes on Sundays.

One journey to and from QMC will run direct as service 652, not serving the town centre.

The section of route between the Town Centre and Brighton Hill will be replaced with new Jazz 7 (see below).

Jazz 2 timetable

Jazz 3 :  East Popley - Town Centre - South Ham
Minor timetable changes. An additional School bus 653 will be introduced from Bishop Challoner School to the Town Centre in the afternoon.

Jazz 3 timetable

NEW! 4/4A Town Centre – South Ham – Buckskin – Winklebury – North Hants Hospital – Marnel Park – Chineham Centre – Lychpit – Town Centre
Replaces previous service 4 and extended beyond Chineham Centre via Lychpit to the town centre, providing a co-ordinated frequency with route 14.

The new route will run via the new Marnel Park Estate in Popley and Park Prewett Medical Centre.

Clockwise buses will run as 4 and anti clockwise as 4A.

4 and 4A timetable

Jazz 5 :  West Popley - Town Centre
Revised route and timetable between West Popley and Town Centre only.

Buses will still run every 15 minutes during the peak, whilst the frequency will increase off peak with buses running every 10 minutes.

The section of route between the Town Centre and Hatch Warren or Oakley will be replaced with a new Jazz 8 (see below).

Jazz 5 timetable

Jazz 6 :  Winklebury - Town Centre
Minor changes with improved early evening service.

Jazz 6 timetable

NEW! Jazz 7 : Brighton Hill - Town Centre
New service replacing the southern part of Jazz 2 between Brighton Hill and Town Centre only. Buses will run every 20 minutes during weekday daytimes with journeys via Viables during peak times.

Jazz 7 timetable

NEW! Jazz 8 : Oakley/Hatch Warren - Buckskin - Town Centre
New service replacing the southern part of Jazz 5 between Oakley or Hatch Warren, Buckskin and Town Centre only. Buses will no longer serve the Railway Station on journeys from the town centre only. The frequency of buses will remain as per the current service

Jazz 8 timetable

Service 10 : Black Dam - Town Centre - Old Basing
Revised route and timetable. Journeys will no longer run beyond Old Basing to Hook. Service 10 will run in a clockwise loop within Old Basing.

A new service 30, run by Fleet Buzz, will run between Basingstoke, Hook, Fleet & Farnborough.

10 timetable

13 : Basingstoke - Alton - Bordon - Liphook
Minor timetable changes to improve punctuality.

13 timetable

76/86 : Basingstoke - Overton - Whitchurch - Andover or Winchester
Journeys from Basingstoke town centre will no longer serve the railway station. There are minor revisions to the timetable to improve punctuality.

76/86 timetable

The Link : Basingstoke - North Hants Hospital - Kingsclere - Newbury
Revised timetable with buses increased to every 30 minutes between Kingsclere and Basingstoke during Monday to Friday daytimes. The Saturday timetable will remain hourly.

'The Link' timetable

School buses
There will be minor timetable revisions to services 655, 656, 657, 661, 662, 663.

Basingstoke schools

Basingstoke bus network map - from 14 April 2013