Picture a a tram on the bow string bridge in Sheffield

About Supertram

We connect Sheffield, running 3 tram routes in Sheffield covering 29km. Over half of this is on street running with mixed traffic.

Our network links six park and ride sites with the busy city centre. It  gives easy access to the rail station, shopping areas, both of Sheffield’s prestigious universities, the Cathedral, sports arenas and many popular entertainment venues. 

Our trams, which can easily carry 250 passengers, provide a high quality travel experience. They're clean, quiet, spacious and reliable. 

All trams have conductors for ticket sales and customer care.  Our staff are trained in conflict avoidance and awareness of passengers with disabilities. 

Most day and week tickets can be purchased from the conductor or on the Stagecoach bus app. 

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Supertram in the community

Supertram does more than just keep Sheffield moving! 

We work with a variety of people and organisations around the city to promote safety.

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Kids Zone

Need something to keep the kids amused during their tram journey? Kids Zone is just the ticket!

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Our Supertramlink service connects several outer Sheffield suburbs with our Middlewood Park and Ride site and the Malin Bridge terminus.

It brings more of the city into easy reach for you.

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Technical information

We've put together some technical info about Supertram, which you can find at the following links: