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Image showing mobility scooter boarding Supertram at Castle Square tram stop

Supertram mobility scooter policy

We warmly welcome mobility scooter users who have a Confederation of Passenger Transport (CPT) permit on our trams.

Mobility scooter users need a CPT permit to travel on our trams. Note that all wheelchair users may travel without a permit.

Find out more about mobility scooter permits and requirements

More info from the CPT​

Which scooters are accepted?

Some mobility scooters are too large for our trams and buses, so we can only carry scooters which:

  • are Class 2 with 3 or 4 wheels
  • are not more than 1000mm long and/or 600mm wide
  • have a turning radius not exceeding 1200mm
  • do not exceed exceed 300kg (47 stone) in weight, including occupant

‘Class 3’ scooters are not allowed as they are larger and capable of travelling at 6-8 mph. They are not designed to be carried on trams.


How do I get a permit?

Mobility scooters must be approved for travel on buses. This is because scooter users sometimes need to make part of their journey by bus when there are disruptions or planned works on our tram network.

The assessment covers the design and size of the scooter, as well as the user’s ability to control and manoeuvre it safely.

We do not conduct assessments, but we accept CPT permits issued by all bus operators.

Assessments are carried out locally by First South Yorkshire and Stagecoach Yorkshire. To arrange an assessment, please call your local bus operator:

  • First South Yorkshire: 01709 566 000
  • Stagecoach Yorkshire: 0345 266 6606

Scooter Permit

Once approved, you’ll be issued a ‘Permit for travel’ photo card, which contains the conditions of use and is valid for 5 years. 
You must show your permit to the conductor when requested and it is only valid for the scooter that was assessed.

Other local bus operators that accept permits are:

  • Hulleys of Baslow
  • Sheffield Community Transport
  • TM Travel 


What should I do once on board? 

  • park your scooter in the wheelchair area**
  • switch off your scooter’s motor
  • leave your scooter in gear
  • remain on the scooter, using the handrails to provide stability
  • do not park your scooter where it may obstruct others


**If the wheelchair area is already occupied, the conductor will decide whether you can board that tram or not. 

Even if you have a permit, your scooter will not be carried if: 

  • there is not enough room on the tram
  • it is a danger to other passengers
  • it is in poor working order
  • it would block passageways or doors
  • it is overloaded and unstable


The permit may be withdrawn if the permit holder causes damage or injury to other passengers or the tram, or uses the permit with a scooter not used during the assessment.