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Rainham Garage

Unit 2, Albright Industrial Estate, Ferry Lane, Rainham, RM13 9BU.  01708 528552


A garage new to East London, opened on 29 December 2007, it was originally owned by Frontrunner South East from the time when they won some of Hornchurch Garage's work in 1988.

Rainham Garage

They were taken over by Ensignbus who  then leased the premises to Capital Citybus in 1990  later becoming First London East.  They moved to new premises in Chequers Lane in 2006, after which Ensignbus resumed use as storage for sales vehicles until the site was purchased by East London Bus Group.  Between January and May 2008,  the garage was used as a temporary home for route 25’s articulated buses, displaced from Waterden Road, Stratford, by work on the Olympic Park. The garage also provided maintenance for West Ham's buses as facilities there were quite limited until that garage was completed.

ADL Enviro 400

Since late September 2008 the garage came under the control of a newly set up company - East London Bus Ltd - to operate route 248, regained on tendering almost 20 years to the day that it was lost.  The site and buses were rebranded as Thameside in May 2009, after approval of logos was given.

Route 372 was a further tender win in January 2009 and now uses new ADL Enviro 200 bses.

Route 174 moved from Romford in July 2009, for which new ADL Enviro 400s have recently been delivered.

Route 287 moved from Barking, again on contract renewal, in March 2011 and also has new ADL Enviro 400s.

Routes 165, 252, 256 and 365 were tender wins in September 2013, using a mix of Scanias and new E200s and E400s.

At October 2013 the garage has the following allocation: 34 Scania Omnicity double decks, 38 ADL Enviro 400s, and 30 ADL Enviro 200s, with 3 Dennis Trident ALX 400 remainig as spares. Routes operated are: 165, 174, 248, 252, 256, 287, 365 and 372.