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Megarider passes

Our Megarider tickets are designed to save you money and to make frequent travel with Stagecoach as easy as possible - simply choose the zone and payment option that suits you best.

With the launch of StagecoachSmart travel cards in Northamptonshire and the surrounding areas, we have introduced a more convenient method to buy your Megarider - it's called Megarider Xtra. Through Megarider Xtra you can pay for your travel through automatic monthly payments which means you no longer have to manually renew your ticket. The payment is debited from your debit/credit card every month and your bus ticket is stored on your StagecoachSmart travel card. Your ticket remains valid for travel until the recurring payment is cancelled.


Step 1 - Choose your ticket based on where you are travelling

There are a number of areas to choose from - each with their own validity - to make sure you buy the right ticket click here to check

  • Leamington and Warwick Megarider
  • Leamington and Warwick Megarider Plus
  • Stratford Megarider
  • Stratford Megarider Plus
  • Rugby Megarider
  • Rugby Megarider Plus
  • Nuneaton Megarider
  • Nuneaton Megarider Plus
  • Coventry & Bedworth Megarider
  • Coventry & Bedworth Megarider Plus
  • Leicester Megarider Plus
  • Megarider Country
  • Megarider Gold
  • 766 rider


Step 2 - Choose how you want to buy (online, on bus, from a travel shop)


Megarider - 1 week - available onbus and from travel travel shops

If you have a StagecoachSmart travel card, you can ask the driver to add a 1 week pass to it when you get on.

Online - Price
on bus - Price
travel shop - Price
Leamington & Warwick Megarider£14.65£15.15£15.15
Leamington & Warwick Megarider Plus£19.90£20.40£20.40
Stratford Megarider£13.00£13.50£13.50
Stratford Megarider Plus£19.60£20.10£20.10
Rugby Megarider£14.25£14.75£14.75
Rugby Megarider Plus£19.80£20.30£20.30
Nuneaton Megarider£14.55£15.05
Nuneaton Megarider Plus£19.80£20.30£20.30
Coventry & Bedworth Megarider£12.25£12.60£12.60
Coventry & Bedworth Megarider Plus£18.45£18.95£18.95
Leicester Megarider Plus£13.50£14.00£14.00
Megarider Country£19.70£20.30£20.30

Megarider Gold



766 riderNo£14.00No


Megarider Xtra - monthly recurring payments - order fullfield via StagecoachSmart travel card

Price Onlineon bustravel shop
Leamington & Warwick Megarider£52.30 per monthYes - Buy NowNoNo
Leamington & Warwick Megarider Plus£71.75 per monthYes - Buy NowNoNo
Stratford Megarider£48.70 per monthYes - Buy NowNoNo
Stratford Megarider Plus£71.75 per monthYes - Buy NowNoNo
Rugby Megarider£49.20 per monthYes - Buy NowNoNo
Rugby Megarider Plus£71.75 per monthYes - Buy NowNoNo
Nuneaton Megarider£51.25 per monthYes - Buy NowNoNo
Nuneaton Megarider Plus£71.75 per monthYes - Buy NowNoNo
Coventry & Bedworth Megarider£40.50 per monthYes - Buy NowNoNo
Coventry & Bedworth Megarider Plus£60.50 per monthYes - Buy NowNoNo
Leicester Megarider Plus£45.00 per monthYes - Buy NowNoNo
Megarider Country£71.75 per monthYes - Buy NowNoNo
Megarider Gold

£90.70 per month

Yes - Buy NowNoNo


Megarider - 4 weeks - online order fullfield via StagecoachSmart travel card

Online - Price on bus - Price
travel shop - Price
Leamington & Warwick Megarider£52.30 - Buy Now£53.80£53.80
Leamington & Warwick Megarider Plus£71.75 - Buy Now£73.80£73.80
Stratford Megarider£48.70 - Buy Now£50.10£50.10
Stratford Megarider Plus£71.75 - Buy Now£73.80£73.80
Rugby Megarider£49.20 - Buy Now£50.70£50.70
Rugby Megarider Plus£71.75 - Buy Now£73.80£73.80
Nuneaton Megarider£51.25 - Buy Now£52.80£52.80
Nuneaton Megarider Plus£71.75 - Buy Now£73.80£73.80
Coventry & Bedworth Megarider£40.50 - Buy Now£41.70£41.70
Coventry & Bedworth Megarider Plus£60.50 - Buy Now£62.50£62.50
Leicester Megarider Plus£45.00 - Buy Now£46.00£46.00
Megarider Country£71.75 - Buy Now£73.80£73.80
Megarider Gold£90.70 - Buy Now£93.80£93.80


Megarider - 13 weeks - online order fullfield via paper tickets

Online - Price
on bus - Price
travel shop - Price
Leamington & Warwick Megarider£153.75 - Buy NowNo£153.75
Leamington & Warwick Megarider Plus£210.15 - Buy NowNo£210.15
StratfordMegarider£148.60 - Buy NowNo£148.60
Stratford Megarider Plus£210.15 - Buy NowNo£210.15
Rugby Megarider£153.75 - Buy NowNo£153.75
Rugby Megarider Plus£210.15 - Buy NowNo£210.15
Nuneaton Megarider£148.65 - Buy NowNo£148.65
Nuneaton Megarider Plus£205.00 - Buy NowNo£205.00
Coventry & Bedworth Megarider£106.00 - Buy NowNo£106.00
Coventry & Bedworth Megarider Plus£184.50 - Buy NowNo£184.50
Megarider Gold£289.00 - Buy NowNo£289.00


Megarider - 52 weeks - online order fullfield via paper tickets

Online - Price
on bus - Price
travel shop - Price
Leamington & Warwick Megarider£574.00 - Buy NowNo£574.00
Leamington & Warwick Megarider Plus£757.00 - Buy NowNo£757.00
StratfordMegarider£584.00 - Buy NowNo£584.00
Stratford Megarider Plus£757.00 - Buy NowNo£757.00
Rugby Megarider£574.00 - Buy NowNo£574.00
Rugby Megarider Plus£757.00 - Buy NowNo£757.00
Nuneaton Megarider£574.00 - Buy NowNo£574.00
Nuneaton Megarider Plus£757.00 - Buy NowNo£757.00
Coventry & Bedworth Megarider£360.00 - Buy NowNo£360.00
Coventry & Bedworth Megarider Plus£625.00 - Buy NowNo£625.00
Megarider Gold£1020.00 - Buy NowNo£1020.00

Travel Shop locations

We currently have a travel shop located in Leamington, Stratford, Nuneaton and Rugby:

  • Ruby Travelshop - Railway Terrace, Rugby, CV21 3HS
  • Leamington Travelshop - 46 Regent Street, Leamington Spa, CV32 5EG
  • Startford Travelshop - Stratford Tourist Centre, Bridgefoot, Stratford-upon-Avon, CV37 6YY
  • Nuneaton travel shop - Harefield Road, Nuneaton, CV11 4HB

Passes purchased for 13 and 52 week from our travel shop require a passport sized photograph (please bring this with you). Online passes do not require any photographs.