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Coastrider X7 is getting bigger and better!
Coastrider X7

Our Coastrider X7 service is now bigger and better!

Our popular route between Aberdeen and Dundee serving Stonehaven, Montrose and Arbroath now extends to Perth.  The X7 operates its original route hourly, every day and extend to/from Perth hourly on Mondays to Saturdays and every 2 hours on Sundays.  The route also stops at Ninewells Hospital and Royal Victoria Hospital in Dundee, as well as Perth Royal Infirmary, providing so many more journey options for people in Perthshire, Dundee, Angus and Aberdeenshire.

Operating along the stunning coast, relax and enjoy the scenery on our luxury coaches, which are now bigger and better too!

Click here to view the full timetable.

What to expect on board

We've invested over £2.4m in brand new coaches to operate on the extended route for the Coastrider X7, the luxury coaches include the following features:

  • leather, reclining seats
  • air-conditioning
  • free wi-fi
  • power sockets
  • panoramic views
  • easy wheelchair access
  • on board toilet
  • bike racks with space for 5 bikes*
  • the latest green engines
  • CCTV

*Take advantage of our new bicycle-friendly X7! When boarding the coach, speak to the driver who will be happy to allow you to store your bike on one of our 5 bike racks at no extra cost.



We offer a great range of money saving tickets for travel on our network, from single, return, young person and group fares to daily, weekly, monthly and annual tickets for regular travellers, not to mention unirider tickets, valid exclusively for students and offering significant discount on the adult equivalents.

You can buy single, return, daily and weekly tickets on board from the driver and you don’t need the exact fare, we give change! Other tickets can be bought in advance of travel from one of our travel shops, or online at

Example single fares

Aberdeen to Stonehaven£4.90Montrose to Arbroath£3.20
Aberdeen to Montrose£9.25Montrose to Dundee£5.30
Aberdeen to Arbroath£9.30Montrose to Ninewells£6.20
Aberdeen to Dundee£10.80Montrose to Perth/PRI£8.80
Aberdeen to Ninewells£11.80Arbroath to Dundee£4.10
Aberdeen to Perth/PRI£12.80Arbroath to Ninewells£4.60
Stonehaven to Montrose£7.20Arbroath to Perth/PRI£6.20
Stonehaven to Arbroath£7.20Dundee to Ninewells£1.65
Stonehaven to Dundee£7.80Dundee to Perth/PRI£4.10
Stonehaven to Ninewells£9.30Ninewells to Perth/PRI£3.30
Stonehaven to Perth/PRI£11.80Perth to PRI£1.10

Frequent travel tickets
dayrider, megarider and unirider tickets offer unlimited travel in your chosen zone, just pick the zone most suited to your travel requirements. Groups are defined as 2 adults + 2 children, 1 adult + 3 children or 3 adults and can be used after 0900 Mondays to Fridays, anytime at the weekends and public holidays.

A dayrider offers unlimited travel for 1 day, a megarider offers unlimited travel for 7 days, 4 weeks, 13 weeks or a calendar year and unirider tickets offer unlimited travel exclusively for students for 4 weeks or 13 weeks. The key zones relevant to the X7 route are shown below.

Aberdeen Zone 3
Unlimited travel on any Stagecoach services within Aberdeen and as far as Stonehaven.

Adult dayrider      1 day    £7.85
Child dayrider      1 day    £4.80
Group dayrider     1 day    £15.70
Adult megarider   7 days   £24

unirider tickets are available within the Aberdeen area however they cover a wider area than the zone 3 boundary, please see Stagecoach Bluebird unirider publicity for full zone information.

Bluebird unirider    4 weeks    £83    13 weeks    £223    annual    £620

East Scotland zone
Unlimited travel on all Stagecoach East Scotland routes throughout Dundee, Angus, Perthshire as well as services into Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen on the X7.

Adult dayrider       1 day     £14.50         
Child dayrider                    £7.30         
Group dayrider                   £29
Student dayrider                 £9.70
Adult megarider    7 days     £42     4 weeks    £160    13 weeks    £500    annual    £1900   
U16 megarider      7 days     £28
unirider                4 weeks    £145      13 weeks   £415

Tayside zone
Unlimited travel throughout Dundee, Angus, Perth & Kinross.

Adult dayrider      1 day      £7.50       
Child dayrider                    £3.80       
Group dayrider                   £15                   
Adult megarider   7 days     £27    4 weeks     £103    13 weeks    £321    annual    £1221
U16 megarider     7 days    £18  
unirider               4 weeks   £63        13 weeks    £175

A student unirider ticket is also available as Tayside zone 2 which covers unlimited travel throughout Dundee, Angus, Perth & Kinross and into Aberdeen on the X7.

Tayside zone 2 student unirider        4 weeks    £80    13 weeks     £205

Other local town and city zones are available within Perth, Dundee, Arbroath, Montrose and Aberdeen. Click here to view other ticket zones available.

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