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In line with the latest government guidance, we've put in place further measures in England to help customers practice social distancing. This includes limiting the available seats on buses.

Face coverings are compulsory when using public transport in England and Scotland. In Wales it is compulsory to wear a three layer face covering on public transport. It is also now compulsory to wear face coverings when using indoor public transport hubs in England only.

The safety of our customers and employees is our priority, so please avoid busy times, use contactless payment and take your litter with you. For up to date information see our Coronavirus page

Advertising on Stagecoach buses

Stagecoach bus and tram advertising - make a bold statement

With Stagecoach bus and tram advertising, your brand can target a large, valuable audience. 


Why you should advertise on our buses

We’re one of the largest bus operators in the UK, with a fleet of 8,100 buses. As a result, your bus advertising can reach the two million people who regularly travel on our buses every day. That’s a staggering 730 million passengers every year!

Buses carry around two thirds of all passengers using public transport — around four times the number of people using trains. Official statistics show:

  • fifty five percent of all bus passengers are ABC1.
  • sixty five percent of ABC1 adults have noticed bus advertising in the last week.
  • thirty million people have seen advertising on the outside of a bus in the last week.
  • eighty six percent of bus passengers can spontaneously recall bus advertising. 
  • eighty percent of consumers have responded to bus advertising. 

Source: The London Commuter, TGI, The Road to Enlightenment, London Worker Planning Tool, ONS .


Advertising on our trams

You can also advertise on our trams in the Sheffield region. Find out more about advertising on our trams.


Where you can advertise

You can choose to showcase your brand messages locally, regionally or nationally. The main cities we operate in include:

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  • Aberdeen
  • Cambridge
  • Canterbury
  • Cardiff
  • Carlisle
  • Edinburgh
    • Exeter
    • Glasgow
    • Hull
    • Inverness
    •  Lincoln
    • Liverpool
  • London
  • Manchester
  • Newcastle
  • Newport
  • Portsmouth
  • Sheffield

Find your local Stagecoach company on our operator map .  


How to book your bus advert

Speak to an Account Manager at Global on 0800 808 5619

Advertising on ticket roll

You can also advertise on the back of our tickets, which gives you the opportunity to reach a huge audience of bus and tram users.

Find out about advertising on bus tickets

Find out about advertising on tram tickets