How safe are your buses?

We want to make sure you're as safe as possible on our buses. That's why we carry out a number of procedures:

  • Our buses and premises may be fitted with CCTV. We'll always display a sign telling you if CCTV's in operation and if audio CCTV's in use.
  • Inline with Covid regulations, we're doing extra, rigorous cleaning and keeping windows open on our buses
  • Find out which buses have more space on our Stagecoach app
  •  All our buses now use the Ecodriver behaviour system. This reduces fuel consumption and carbon emissions. It also provides instant feedback to drivers to encourage smoother and safer driving
  • Our drivers complete a Safe, Skilled and Fuel Efficient Driver programme as part of their training
  • We operate a maintenance program that's far more rigorous than the legal requirements
  • Our buses have the equivalent of an MOT every 21 days. They also have a rolling programme of operating and engineering audits