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Stagecoach turn Carlisle todlers into aspiring bus drivers

15 Feb 2017

Stagecoach in Carlisle has started to prepare for the next generation of bus drivers by bringing a double decker bus to Ballyhoo Boutique Nursery.


On Thursday 2 February, a group of children at Ballyhoo Boutique Nursery were invited to come and experience what it is like to sit in the driver’s seat, move the steering wheel and press the horn.


Aged between 15 months and 4 years, the children also had the chance to sit on the top deck, climb on the seats and ring the bell and staff at Ballyhoo were keen to use the experience to enhance the children’s development. 


Liane Atkinson, Manager at Ballyhoo Boutique Nursery said; “We would like to thank the team at Stagecoach for giving our children the opportunity to explore a double decker bus!


“The children thoroughly enjoyed this activity and it is hoped that the experience will support their learning here at Ballyhoo”.


Stagecoach Carlisle, Assistant Operations Manager, Maria Muggridge said: “Stagecoach was thrilled to be invited to visit Ballyhoo Nursery with a double decker bus.


“It was lovely to see the children so excited and we hope to see some of them back in the driver’s seat in years to come”.