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Passenger survey brings increased satisfaction

15 Mar 2019

Transport Focus, the independent transport user watchdog, have released results from their latest annual bus passenger satisfaction survey and the results for Stagecoach Cumbria and North Lancashire demonstrate that satisfaction is better than ever, with overall customer satisfaction rising to 93%.


Transport Focus, the independent transport user watchdog consults more than 40,000 passengers a year to produce the Bus Passenger Survey (BPS).  This measures passengers’ satisfaction with their local bus service.  Questions are asked about a wide range of aspects of the bus journey including the bus stop, the wait for the bus, and the experience on the bus including the cleanliness, comfort and driver as well as their overall satisfaction with that bus journey and their rating of value for money.

The results from this major survey, conducted in the autumn of last year, have been published today with overall customer satisfaction improving for bus services operated by Stagecoach Cumbria and North Lancashire.  Customer satisfaction with their bus journey overall has risen from 87% in 2017 to 93% in 2018.


Customer satisfaction with punctuality of their bus service has increased from 74% to 81%, with improvement of the time taken for the bus journey improving from 82% to 92%.  Passengers were asked to rate the standard of driving, this too has improved with satisfaction rising from 87% to 93%.


Mark Whitelocks, Managing Director for Stagecoach Cumbria & North Lancashire said “We are delighted with these results, and it is great to see that our customers have recognised the hard work and effort that our staff have been making to improve the bus services that we provide.  But we will not sit on our laurels as there is more that we can and must do.  It is important to us that we continue to be a part of the community giving people the opportunity to rely on the bus to connect them with work, friends and family as we go about our daily lives. 


Whilst it is fantastic to see that changes we have made to timetables and schedules to improve on punctuality have been recognized, I call on our County Council to continue working with us to make sure that we can address issues on the highways and encourage more people to use the

bus by making bus journeys faster and journey times more reliable for our passengers.”


Mark added “We want to extend our appreciation to our loyal customers across the region, for their confidence in Stagecoach Cumbria & North Lancashire and look forward to welcoming more customers on to our excellent services - we have such great journeys for everyone to take”.

Transport Focus’ mission is to get the best deal for passengers and road users. With a strong emphasis on evidence-based campaigning and research, they ensure they know what is happening on the ground to influence decisions on behalf of passengers and road users to secure improvements and make a difference.


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