Hull graduate designs our official face mask

21 Sep 2020

With the Covid-19 crisis leading to many work placements and internships being cancelled, we wanted to offer student and graduate level designers the chance to add to their portfolios as they begin their search for full time work. 

Matthew Cheung, originally from Hong Kong, was selected as the winner after he put his own spin on the Stagecoach logo and went the extra mile, taking into account the bends and creases in masks. 

The swirly circular design features all key Stagecoach colours but with a cartoon-like effect which makes it almost unrecognisable from the brand logo itself. The mask will now be given away to students across the UK, free of charge. 

Matthew Cheung
The fabric face masks, which are reusable, will help to lessen the impact on the local environment as an over reliance on disposables across the UK, which are often not recycled properly, has led to increased pollution and concern that many will eventually end up in the sea. 

In addition to being named as the official designer, Matthew received Love2Shop vouchers, and said about his design: “I’m always looking for ways to boost my own CV and the chance to be named as the official designer of Stagecoach’s face masks was an opportunity I couldn’t ignore. 

“I wanted to build a print that worked if the mask was either opened out or not, whilst still making it ownable to Stagecoach. So, I took their own colours and created a swirly design which was bright, colourful and different to anything else out there. I didn’t actually think I would ever win but it’s great to be able to add this to my portfolio.”

Catherine Acton-Brazier, Regional Director North for Stagecoach, said: “Although Covid-19 has caused previously unimaginable disruption for people up and down the UK, students have been hit particularly hard. They have suffered with the loss of work placement programmes over the summer, whilst lectures and lessons have often been held via webinar or cancelled altogether. 

“As a result, we wanted to do our bit at Stagecoach to give tomorrow’s graphic designers a boost for their own CV, and it was from a very competitive entrants list that Matthew was selected as the winner. From all of the team here we’d like to say a big well done to him and thanks also to every applicant who clearly put in a lot of effort to enter this competition.” 

Face coverings are now a mandatory requirement when travelling on all public transport across the UK unless exempt.

Catherine Acton-Brazier added: “Wearing face coverings is something as a society we are becoming more used to and people are becoming more creative in the design of their face coverings. 

“We would like to remind people that they must wear an appropriate face covering when travelling with us, unless they are exempt, and it needs to be worn for their entire journey. With everybody following the rules, this will help to keep all of our customers safe.”