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It's no longer a legal requirement to wear a face covering on public transport in England, Scotland or Wales. We do encourage you to wear a face covering in crowded spaces, if you can. For the latest travelling safely information for England, Wales and Scotland, see our Coronavirus page


Working to keep you safe

24 Sep 2020

Sylwia (pictured) and her Presentation Team at Stagecoach East are essential in helping us create a safe environment on our vehicles.


While most of us are clocking off for the day, Sylwia and her team start at 5.30pm and work through the night cleaning and preparing the buses for the next day. It’s always been a big job, but since the onset of COVID-19, despite there being no extra hours in a day, their job has increased and they rely on each other to make sure they can get the enhanced cleaning completed on time.

sylwia 8

Each shift begins with new cloths, mops and gloves as well as preparing antiviral and disinfecting liquids that they use to thoroughly clean all handrails, window sills and the drivers cabin. Since March, we’ve used over 1.25million litres of sanitising solution company-wide. Special attention is paid to all of the areas our customers will touch, including bells and poles and all seats are thoroughly wiped down before attention turns to the floors. 

sylwia 7

It’s amazing how much rubbish can gather on a bus during its daily journey but Sylwia has been disappointed at the number of discarded masks and gloves that people leave behind.  It’s a reminder to us all that we should take our litter and PPE with us when we leave the bus as these all need to be removed by Sylwia and her team, along with the leaves and twigs that she’s noticed are more common since the councils have had to limit work on public gardens and trees that line the streets of the routes. Once the floors are clear, they’re mopped and then the exterior of the bus is fully washed. 

sylwia 9

Although the team works together to fully clean each bus, it’s more difficult for them now as they need to keep their distance from each other and complete their tasks while wearing gloves and masks. Despite their job being hard, Sylwia says they’re working hard together to do their part to get back to normal as soon as possible. 

We’ve got dozens of Presentation Teams like Sylwia’s across the UK and we know how hard they’re working to keep our fleet clean and safe. Check out the infographic below for details of some of the extra measures we’ve taken to help them complete their role.

Find out more about travelling safely on our services.

cleaning infographic