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9 Father's Day gift ideas

16 Jun 2021


Photo props moustache pipe and bowler hat with sign that says Happy Fathers day


Dads must be one of the hardest family members to buy for. When it comes to Father’s Day, it’s easy to fall into the trap of getting your Dad the same presents each year; whether that’s a pair of socks, merch from his favourite sports team or more whiskey for him to put in the cabinet… that no one’s allowed to touch. 

This Father’s Day show your Dad you’ve given special thought to his present by getting him something he’d never buy himself but will wonder how he’d ever lived without it.





left hand wrist wearing a smartwatch

A Fitbit

Nothing says “I care” more than encouraging your Dad to be more active. Even if he’s not the sporty type, his competitive side will definitely come out once he’s tracking his daily steps. Before you know it, he’ll be challenging you to be the best Weekend Warrior. You can save up to 22% on Fitbit devices with Stagecoach Rewards. 

Item finder

Is your dad always forgetting where he’s left his car keys? This handy gadget will save your dad so much time for when he’s rushing out the door. After all, taxi driving is practically in the job description of any Dad. 


neon sign that says craft beer

A craft beer subscription

Craft beers from different countries will land on your Dad’s doorstep each month with this monthly subscription. A worldly, craft beer tasting experience within the comfort of his own home. Stagecoach Rewards offer a free* case of craft beer from BEER52! *You’ll only pay for p&p. 

A joke book 

If your Dad is guilty of recycling the same old jokes, this present will pack a new punchline or two! His comedy material will be renewed, and everyone will be laughing!



man in blue tshirt golf club over left shoulder

Golf lessons

Tee off this Father’s Day with some golf lessons. No matter your Dad’s handicap or whether he’s had no previous golfing experience, it’s always fun to learn a new skill!

Skin care

Dads are always so busy looking after everyone else, they can often forget about themselves. Skin care isn’t always an essential on any Dad’s shopping list, but he’ll definitely appreciate this present. Once again, with Stagecoach Rewards you can save 15% at RenSkincare and 25% off products from NAKIN, plus free delivery! 




Mug with two handles that says Super Dad


A personalised mug

Every Dad starts his day off with a morning brew. Gift him a personalised mug to brighten his morning! Why not create one that has your lovely face on it, a gentle reminder of who his favourite child is. 

A self-heating coaster 

A related gift, yet worthy of its own mention. With a self-heating coaster, he’ll never have to sip a cold brew ever again. A ‘working from home’ must have, this gadget is cool and unique! 

Cooking classes 

Whether he’s a foodie or not, a cooking class is a great idea for your Dad to get creative in the kitchen. Rest assured, he'll proudly put his new skills to the test and show off his new abilities. You might even benefit from tasting the delicious meals he makes. With Stagecoach Rewards you can get 20% off online cooking classes! Bon appetit! 


We're sure there's something here to suit even the fussiest of Dads but, if you're still looking for ideas, check out Stagecoach Rewards for local offers for restaurants, pubs and days out.