Tips when buying your student tickets

05 Aug 2022

Our student tickets offer great value travel and are easy to buy online. Preloaded onto a smart card and delivered straight to you, there's no need to worry about throwing away a paper ticket, or running out of battery on your phone. 

It's ready for you to use each time you need to travel but don't forget to show your student ID.

Plus, getting a StudentSmart card gives you the peace of mind that if your bus pass is lost or stolen we'll replace it for free!

If you're heading off to uni, read on for our handy tips to make sure your student travel is sorted.

Buying early?

If you're super organised (and you've requested a new smartcard) keep in mind it only takes around 5 days to arrive so if you won't be in your accommodation for another few weeks, it's best to get it sent to your home address so it doesn't get lost before you arrive! 

Help the postie out

Have you moved from halls into new accommodation with your friends? Make sure your address is up to date and contains any useful details (eg, Block 1A, Flat C, Ground Floor) to help the postie get it right into your hands. 

Check you're buying the right ticket for you

All of our ticket details include a handy link to an area map so you can check your ticket covers where you want to travel, making sure you have the right ticket will avoid any awkward convos on the bus! 

Not your first rodeo?

Remember most of our StudentSmart cards bought online are reusable so, if you still have yours from last year, you can request we add your next ticket to that and it'll be on your card, good to go when you are! (from the start date of the ticket)

Don't forget to check the Ts&Cs as some tickets are only for use on certain services. If you're not sure, get in touch and one of our friendly team can help!