Kindness in a Crisis

23 Mar 2020

The current situation in the workplace is like nothing I’ve seen before. It’s unprecedented in my lifetime. The challenges we’re all facing from the Coronavirus are well documented. It has affected everyone in one way or another.

Yet in amongst the anxiety and concern there is kindness and hope, a coming together of community and humanity. We should take great comfort and reassurance from this. It’s wonderful to see these acts of kindness in local neighbourhoods, but what has really grabbed me is seeing them come through so strongly in the workplace.

After 20 years of working in the transport industry, I consider myself to be a relative newcomer to the world of bus, having just completed my first year. 18 months ago, I was sitting in my kitchen looking at the bus stop outside my window and thinking about whether to make the move into the industry. I came across an article by Greener Journeys; ‘The Value of the Bus to Society.’ It so clearly articulated the huge impact bus has in society that it made my mind up for me and I made the move.

This crisis is bringing the best out in people and is absolutely bringing to life the huge societal impact of the bus industry and the people that work in it. I have been blown away by the sheer commitment, flexibility and dedication of the 1350 people at Stagecoach South East that I get to work with every day. This doesn’t just stop at my local business though. It runs right through Stagecoach and the wider bus industry.

Above all, it’s the kindness that I find so humbling. Our people want to do what’s right for the communities they serve. They don’t want to stop. They want to help. I feel such a sense of pride to be able to serve this group.

We will get through this and when we do we will be so much stronger for it. The kindness and humanity will be the ties that bind us for the long term good of our people, our communities and the whole of society.

Joel - Stagecoach South East, Managing Director