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Love my bus - Blog 5

07 Nov 2019

Saving time, money and the planet – Lewis’s #lovemybus journey

The #lovemybus champions are taking the bus for a whole year from Kilmarnock or Ayr to Glasgow and reporting back on their experiences. The champions will share what taking the bus means for their daily routine and the stories and anecdotes that they find on their journey. Lewis chooses the bus to commute because it's cheaper, less hassle and better for the planet!

How is your journey going?

Quite well I would say. I have been getting the university buses which work really well for my work. There have been loads of roadworks around Glasgow recently, and so we have been taking some alternate routes, but that is not the buses fault. But the drivers have still managed to get us there on time for the most part and it is starting to calm down now.

They also explained the whole situation nicely the first time which was nice, and I appreciated that.

Is any of the shared information interesting/of news to you?

I would not say any of it is surprising but that is because I have been strongly in favour of public transport for a long time now, especially for environmental reasons.

Unfortunately, because of where I live, I do have to drive to the bus stop in Kilmarnock most of the time, but I agree that a walk to the bus stop can be great for your health. Overall it is cheaper, healthier and better for the planet.

What are you enjoying most about your journey?

The University bus drops me off right outside my work which is really great, because it saves me a lot of time and spending money on a subway which probably saves a couple of hundred pounds a year. So really just the convenience of it has been the best thing.

Has there been any challenges on your journey?

When the roadworks were really bad there was times when the bus could not get to my stop and so that would lengthen my commute. I also cannot quite get the 8:20 bus as it gets me there at 9:20 which is too late for me to start work, so by it being more convenient I am getting up a bit earlier, but I am getting used to it now.