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Love my bus - Blog 1

07 Oct 2019

Love my bus yellow 

Meet the first #lovemybus champion - Christine!

‘Happy, stress-free... and curry sauce’ 

The #lovemybus champions are taking the bus for a whole year from Kilmarnock or Ayr to Glasgow and reporting back on their experiences. The champions will share what taking the bus means for their daily routine and the stories and anecdotes that they find on their journey.  Christine is our first champion to share her experiences. As a #lovemybus champion she chooses bus because it is reliable, relaxed, convenient and less busy than the train.

How is your Journey going? 

My journey has had no problems at all, very happy, cheery drivers, buses are always on time, it’s great. When we had the flooding a couple of weeks ago, the drivers handled it really well, they diverted us and still managed to get us home on time. 

Is any of the information the #lovemybus team have been sharing new/interesting to you?

The ‘relax’ theme is really why I like using the bus, it’s stress free and you can actually have a wee snooze on the way to work. I actually listen to my meditation app on the way home, which is not something I could do if I was driving. 


What are you enjoying about your journey?
Getting on the bus, closing my eyes and then waking up and nearly being home. But it’s also very reliable, I have never once been home late. People often ask me why I don’t use the train, but the train is late so much, and I don’t have to deal with the stress and queues at the ticket barriers at the other end. 


Are there any challenges on your journey?
Not really, I have a short walk, well often run to be honest, to the bus stop and a nice 10-minute walk to work at the other end. The only thing would be that where I wait for the bus is a very busy street in Glasgow and there is not a lot of room under a small shelter, so with the heavy rain a few weeks ago we all got on the bus absolutely soaked. 


Any other bus stories you would like to share? 
There is a little group of us who all wait at the bus stop together which is quite nice. We like to share recipes before we get on the bus. It all started because one guy had his jar of homemade curry sauce spill over his bag and we were trying to help him clear it up, and that got us all talking about cooking.


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