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Love my bus - Blog 2

15 Oct 2019

Love my bus purple 

Meet the next #lovemybus champion - Mikey!

'Short walks and catching up on TV'

 The #lovemybus champions are taking the bus for a whole year from Kilmarnock or Ayr to Glasgow and reporting back on their experiences. The champions will share what taking the bus means for their daily routine and the stories and anecdotes that they find on their journey.  Mikey chooses the bus to commute because it is better for the environment, to reduce congestion and it is flexible for his lifestyle.


How is your journey going?

It’s been really good. A good point has been being able to get from the estate I live on in Kilmarnock to Glasgow, with a short, 5 minute walk and it is easier than any other commute I have done before. Even when I lived in Glasgow the commute had a much longer walk.

My total journey time is only 45 minutes from door to door.


Is any of the shared information interesting/of news to you?

The health aspect has been interesting, but it is just the whole thing really. I have not really been involved in a campaign like this before, so it has been good to understand the choice I am making. I was someone who commuted on the train. At that point it was only a 10-minute train journey, but I would have to get there so early to get a seat and it was really crowded in the mornings.

So, there has been no problems in terms of comfort, the air con is really nice in the summer and especially the newer buses are great which reflects a lot of what the campaign has been saying.


What are you enjoying most about your journey?

Just the chance to sit back and relax, I watch some Netflix or YouTube while I travel which is great. So, I am a lot more caught up on my TV now than I was before.


Has there been any challenges on your journey?

Not really, I am very fortunate as I go from right outside my house and so I am only out the house from eight until six for work which is great.


Any other stories?

I've enjoyed seeing the community aspect of the bus - especially the X76 I get, going through New Farm in the morning, you start to see the same faces each day and it feels much more personal, like I'm part of a wider community, than feeling anonymous on a crammed train in the morning.


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